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Shit I didn't even notice the sleeve measurement, I was assuming you got the body slimmed down a bit or something. Too short for my arms, now that I'm paying attention. GL
is that an emo remake of
Quote: Originally Posted by merkur ahaha what the fuck! Does not sound like a very good learning environment....... Quote: A boy wore the Eton suit until his status within the school and with his peers permitted him to graduate to a tailcoat. A boy who attempted to adopt the tailcoat prematurely would attract ridicule from both his classmates and older boys. In other words,...
And what exactly were the alterations made to the Boss coat? Is it one of the nwot items or is it worn?
This is only somewhat germane, but Jos A Bank (yeah, yeah) has a Black Watch plaid dinner jacket with black contrast lapel on sale for $129
Could I have two thigh width measurements on those Diors, one right at the crotch and another 6 inches below the crotch?
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier For shame on you, Sir! You can't combine "for shame" with "shame on you," btw.
Measurements added: Natural waist (with dip) : 17.1" / 43.5cm Aligned waist: 17.3" / 44.1cm Inseam: 32.5" / 82.5cm (the accordion inserts add about 2" / 5cm more when they hang open, in case you're tall) Front Rise: 11" / 28cm Thigh width 3" below crotch: 10.5" / 26.7cm (slim legs!) Leg opening: 7.25" / 18.4cm Make me an offer, there's no telling if or when you are ever going to see Raf's accordion pants again!
I think the first suggestion of white linen was an appropriate one, can't really go wrong with that, and pink+white complement the majority of suit color options (white, black, navy, or even brown) so it really leaves your options open.
Quote: Originally Posted by torontolaker You do have private schools and prestigous prep schools in Canada. Top ones Upper Canada College, Crescent, Havergal and Branksome Hall. All the others schools in Canada are not even in the same league as those ones. hahahahah UTS and RSGC are miles ahead of Crescent, SAC is probably comparable but I never had much to do with them beyond rugby meets. (I went to a private school in Toronto not on his...
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