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dude, you are being very un-dude
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Brown, Commencement 2009: "Artist's conception of NYU commencement, 2023":
Can the sleeves be let out at all? I love the suit (and the price) but the shoulder & sleeve measurements leave me skeptical I can make it work. Oh and what's the condition? At this price I'm guessing not BNWOT, so what's the wear like?
Could you unbutton the YSL shirt, lay the collar all the way out flat, and give me a precise measurement from the centre of the button across the entire collar interior to the far end of the buttonhole? (I'd just ask "exact neck size, please" -- I'm not trying to be a pedantic cunt -- but I haven't any knowledge of the "official" way of taking this measurement and I need it to be exact or it's no use to me. 15.5 is not my usual size and I need a precise basis for...
This is "Marc by Marc Jacobs," yes? Seems to me a mainline MJ blazer would cost five times that ... but then I could look for a photo spread where someone styled this (because I'm trying to figure out how anyone would wear it, the pit2pit would fit me fine but I'm not into the whole belly-shirt-meets-business-attire thing)
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma He's not wearing a skirt, those are drop-crotch pants. Must feel great to be a visually impaired fashion critic with no knowledge of fashion. I don't think it matters what they're called when they look that fucking awful. Drop crotch everything needs to get the hell out of existence.
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou ... come on, a fucking lion in the side car on a wall of death?!? This just changed my life irrevocably. (For the better.)
I've never heard of it, although it sounds like it could be a fantastical god conjured by the mind of Stephen King. If it has anything to do with the nickname "malefic," it's the name of a book of paintings by Luis Royo, and just a cool adjective in general -- though I worry today's illiterate hoi polloi might read it as "Male Fic" and think I write poorly articulated homosexual erotica in my spare time online.
Quote: Originally Posted by CashmereLover The finest cashmere I've ever felt is my Piacenza sweater, and compared to the blue label sweaters it's great value too. I paid the full retail price of about $420. For those of you who don't know about Piacenza; they make cashmere for Brioni, Belvest and Corneliani, among many others. So they also sell their own label, and you would consider it comparable to Brioni/Corneliani?? I've never heard of it...
The color doesn't matter, it certainly doesn't have to be navy -- stand-alone sport coats come in all colors, patterns, and so on. If you pair it with the right things, you can make almost any one of them work. Grey shouldn't be too hard.
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