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Too rich for my blood, but damn they sound nice. Can't wait to see this Brioni.
What's the exact width?
$230 shipped! Local shipping discount for Canadians, esp Ontarians! Willing to listen to reasonable offers . . .
Quote: Originally Posted by Marbles29 I don't want to sound pretentious, but if I were bestowed the opportunity to interview Clint Eastwood, I could - at the apogee of my creativity - write a superior piece. Unfortunately, that may never happen. I read this and I hear a guy desperately trying to sound eloquent. That's a stupid hypothetical, which is frankly poorly written and awkwardly constructed; that's not the kind of writing they publish...
Quote: Originally Posted by blairh If you stand in the falling snow all day in a Canada Goose that is water repellent, you will indeed start to get wet under your coat. This is the whole point of waterproof protection. You are contradicting yourself on top of arguing your point very unconvincingly; furthermore you are dead wrong. Bounder is right. I've worn much shittier winter jackets than Canada Goose outside in the snow for hours without...
If you are buying your first one, the plain square is more versatile; but on the other hand, not by much (the blue is pretty quiet). I like the blue one better myself, although I'd like it more if the dark border were missing and it was just those three circumferential blue lines on a white background.
armpit and shoulder widths for $4 cardigan? I'm guessing it's too big but who the hell knows.
Still plenty of time to ship anywhere in NA by Dec. 24!
Anyone who got one of those green RLPL cashmere & shearling bomber jackets from the Gilt sale in 40-42 so I could buy/extort/steal it from them.
Quote: Originally Posted by chobochobo YSL shoulder 21 chest 45 sleeve 23, centre of collar to sleeve 34 collar as per malefic 16" fuck is that from the shoulder seam to the end of the cuff? I think it's too short for me! I really want a banded collar shirt.
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