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The chest looks fine as long as you have room to move, but the shoulders are way too small.
Why don't you go out and buy something you like?
pit to pit on RLPL polo?
pit to pit on the grey Marc sweater?
Quote: Originally Posted by cksnipe Thanks to yfyf and Chan tailors, I picked up some of the George Taylor Vicuna, Mink, Chinchilla, and Cashmere cloth in Navy -- it has wonderful hand, and I'm looking forward to having it made into a nice sport coat. Not sure how much Vicuna, definitely feels nicer than the RLPL cashmere jacket I own. Since I doubt Chinchilla or mink gives it such a luxurious feel, it's probably the vicuna. Chinchilla is...
$220? I don't want to have to use eBay folks
I'd go with three, but just because I don't like the look of two.
Quote: Originally Posted by dmash1080 I got my girl some APC NS size 25 that she fuck*** LOVES I can't say I've ever seen anyone type the FUCK- but censor out the -ING before!
Damn your inseam!
I hate to be the one to tell you this, but none of your pictures are showing up.
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