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Quote: Originally Posted by July Good buy, but what on earth is the "boning" referred to in the product info? I see that in practically every dress shirt and jacket I look up; god only knows what it means (or whether they are using it correctly).
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria ... the manufacturer of white Kiton jeans, a company known as Kiton. I just spit up some cereal
I wonder whether he's talking about denim shorts or just cropped jeans
Little too small for me, but I kind of expected it. (I'm a Large in most things.)
Quote: Originally Posted by AThingForCashmere Handwashing is almost always preferable to dry cleaning. The two main exceptions are for very cheap and the absolute finest cashmere, both of which often cannot handle any exposure to water without sustaining damage. So if you bought a very expensive piece of cashmere how do you know whether it is of "very nice, should be handwashed" grade or "absolute finest, must be drycleaned" grade? And can...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bates Any comments on the changes in the new shirt, compaired to the old one (smaller pic)? Rather than asking about one ill-fitting shirt versus another, I suggest you get the shoulders fixed and then ask if there's anything wrong (an absolute, rather than the comparative "better"/"worse") with the result. There may not be, as your latest looks good excepting the shoulders.
I think the OP's waistcoat is hilarious. Vox's "ugly sweater party" picture would be awfully hyperbolic as a comparison if this thread were about the waistcoat specifically and not Christmas clothes -- I also fail to see how a blue garment with gold detailing relates to Christmas (those are almost Jewish colors, aren't they? Blue and yellow?). Rock it.
How many fittings did you have, and if the thing doesn't fit properly then how exactly did the fittings continue, and then end, without any warning bells going off for you? Your tailor sounds like a prick, but who knows, maybe you really are being unreasonable. How about a fit pic?
Quote: Originally Posted by SirWilliam .... the $150 refills fit into. These are refills of . . . . blank paper . . . . ???
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