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Quote: Originally Posted by Shirtmaven do you think mr. capitalist was allowed to bring an iroing board and iron to Pandora? This is the dumbest thread I've seen in months, honestly. Giovanni Ribisi's wardrobe might be the single least important thing in the entire fucking movie.
never mind
Call me an asshole but if someone gives me something I dislike I'm not going to wear it just so they can feel proud of themselves. That's idiotic. I would find out if it was possible to return the item and if not I would either re-gift it to someone the original giver didn't know or attempt to sell it online. If I don't like it, I won't wear it. And if I won't wear it, why should I keep it in my closet? Why on earth is "Return the gift to the giver" an option? All that...
As a PSA: Why Ear Candling Is NOT a Good Idea
Quote: Originally Posted by ethanlee29 wings+horns has some nice jackets Those don't for a second look like they'd get you through a Toronto winter, much less one in Ottawa. OP, how warm are you talking? Where do you live?
I honestly cannot find one redeeming aspect of the picture below. Everything in it is hideous and ungainly to my eyes -- in fact it is almost a laundry list of my dislikes (polychromatic but dull-colored; double breasted; salt-n-pepper gray color/texture; wide lapels; peak lapels; spread/cutaway collar matched with a minuscule necktie knot; patch pockets; ...). Quote: Originally Posted by Slewfoot
That light blue striped shirt is beautiful! Is there any particular name for that kind of thing (like nautical stripe or something)?
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria - B Does "2007" count as one syllable? Tooounsvn?
Quote: Originally Posted by ricotta the flaws, as i see them are: (i) heavy shoulder padding (ii) low gorge (iii) large armhole (iv) pants are too narrow None of these things are "errors" or "mistakes" which you became aware of after the fact, they are stylistic options you obviously chose, or at least were completely comfortable with, during the process of suit construction. Since you obviously paid the last chunk of the price and walked out...
Quote: Originally Posted by Pawz The sweats are unbecoming (often synonymous with 'comfortable', and no shame involved if bought new), but so is buying used RL when you could easily buy it at Macy's. You're a record-breaking retard without the slightest idea what you're talking about. Start by looking up "unbecoming" in a dictionary, because it has NOTHING THE FUCK to do with "comfort." Your example of buying used RL somewhere also breaks down...
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