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Why does everyone in HS/college think that the best way to "dress up" is to wear dark pants, dark shirt, bright tie, and white belt??
Quote: Originally Posted by cheessus how safe is it to buy stuff from italian sellers? ive heard/seen many sellers ban italian buyers, so im just wondering if it goes both ways... People bar buyers from Italy because Italian customs restricts the import of lots of clothing-type items. Italy thrives on its exports of same, and I've bought loads of ties from sellers in Italy, all of which have arrived without problems.
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou 28 and under is more common than 32! what?? In Dior jeans maybe . . .
Quote: Originally Posted by comrade I am a very conservative dresser, semi trad. Nevertheless I'd wear them with jeans. Then you might as well add "unrepentant liar" in there somewhere. I'd rather wear a fucking ballgown.
Quote: Originally Posted by XenoX101 Just one for now, will add more, but this one's a beauty. You Must Create Leather Jacket, Size S Measurements (I asked): shoulder to shoulder:45cm pit-to-pit: 48cm body length: 63cm That's fucking amazing, are those hideously uncommon? I've never seen one before but suddenly I need one.
Yeah, that's definitely one of them! I love it too. I'm guessing it's probably comparable to something like a DH napoleon jacket in terms of rarity and price? (Maybe that's hyperbole, but I think I've only ever seen one for sale and I don't remember the asking price but it wasn't cheap...) Know of anything similar by anyone else?
Is there anyone other than Nom de Guerre that makes clothes with those metal fireman-style hook closures? It seems silly to have to pay $500 for a plain hoodie just because it has some hooks on the front instead of a zipper, but maybe that's where we are in menswear right now. Alternatively, does anyone know of any other brands/items featuring unorthodox closure methods? For instance, I recall a couple of designers doing blazers that were held closed by chains -- can't...
Stop cluttering up this thread please, or I might miss ZON_JR's apology.
Quote: Originally Posted by DeusExa I'm not really looking for anything specific at the moment - just trying to break into the "genre". Well if you have no specific criteria you can go to town. Take some exact measurements of things that fit you so you can buy things that will suit you without alterations and then check the B&S forum (or eBay, or SuFu, or your local Nordstrom Rack/Off 5th Ave/whatever) for something that appeals to you. You...
Quote: Originally Posted by ZON_JR 1. Read the title of the thread. 2. Apologize. The title of the thread is "Buying Ties off Ebay, tips?" so WHAT THE FUCK are you talking about? On a separate note I have already made my peace with luftvier.
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