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Price drop to 80.
Price drop, please grab!
Price drop.
Inverallan Hand Knit Beanie This is one of a kind. Literally. As you can see from the tag in the picture, this is a custom-made beanie that has the Style, Order Number, Color, and Knitters name on it. Inverallan is huge over in Japan right now because of the quality of the knits they produce. Here's a bit of a readup on it on Inventory. Again, it's just like the ones that inventory has on their site but in a natural color. You really can't find this anywhere...
Yeah dude, BUMP! shame no one has even PM'ed, lets hear it folks!
I'm actually usually a size 0 in albam stuff, but i wanted this to be a jacket layered over a thick sweater, in which it works marvelously well. Just a thought.
curious what the collar size is?
Price Drop, get in on this rare piece!
Hey, it's a dull orange, could actually be a nice piece that isn't too flashy but is out of the norm. thanks for the nice comment.
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