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Starting $199 Original $275 USD (180 BPS) Albam Hill Walker Parka Size 1 "The Hillwalker is a new thing for us, simple parka shape, waist drawcord, full length zip and chambray lined. Pockets are hidden at the side seam with a press stud fastening. Chest pocket also fastens with a pres stud as shown in the image." Letting this one go because I don't use it as much as I wish. It's in perfect condition and since it's waxed, it's got the typical wax clothing wear on it....
No, if you see how their ordering process works, it's a matter of choosing what sort of a pattern, knit, yarn you want. I'm pretty sure knit-beanies don't have sizes.
Brand new w/ tags. The order took some ridiculous amount of time that by the time I received it, I was well out of a climate that would necessitate a beanie.
Item is up on ebay :
Item is on ebay: eBAY
I was there, what an awesome event.
Price drop boys and girls.
They're indeed great. I just received my pair in the mail today and haven't bothered to take pictures/review them yet, but I will. In the mean time however, I can tell you from the eyes of an avid denim admirer yet one who lacks experience needed to really know authenticity, they're really freaking nice.
Yeah why not, I like free.
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