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Price drop on the Dockers.
Fedora + Blucher sold!
Gingham sold!
All sold or relisted
eBay Link Got this WWM Main Guide Jacket in a cotton fabric on eBay. Listing starts at 50. Message me if you have any questions.
So I have a pair of the Dandy Work Pants in the duck cloth: http://www.shopfarinellis.com/pa-694...work-pant.aspx And I've worn it quite often this past couple weeks. But it dawned on me yesterday that maybe these pants could get the extra functionality boost if I had them waxed using maybe a can of Filson's cotton wax. Any thoughts or thoughts from people who've tried it? Hate the idea, love the idea? I'd love to be able to have these as my permanent foul weather...
Quote: Originally Posted by Asch Wow, I am surprised you were able to get such awesome fades from a perfectly fitting jean! Usually when I see amazing denim like that, the fit pics ruin it, because the dude was wearing it skin-tight in order to maximize contrast at stress points. Well done! Yah, I remember my first pair I was pretty anal about getting the right fades and what not. With this one, I literally just wore it. Period. I...
Pics before? Not in the way I composed those pictures, but they're here: And here at 2 months: And now: Thanks for the nice comments. The contest has been awesome.
Don't know how many follow Sufu's SExDBxS09 Contest, but here's my submission as of April 1st. Thought I shouldn't leave you guys hanging. The journey has ended for this pair (or maybe just begun?). It's been an epic year in my life and this pair has been through literally all of it, save maybe a couple days for soaking and washing. I'm really proud of what came out of it, and to me, that's more important than anything else. Thanks for the support guys.
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