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Sorry if I struck the wrong chord MiniW. If the aging of the leather was my primary concern then I wouldn't have asked. I've never owned a pair of Aldens and unlike many on this forum, it's an investment for me in every sense of the word. Good to know that the thickness is about the same. I do prefer the Chromexcel because I do appreciate history and craft, and Horween seems to epitomize both. Leaning towards it...
Quick question. I've tried on the Standard Indy 405's but have yet to put my hands on the 403. Any comparisons on the hand of the leather as well as thickness/durability? Cheers.
Price drop $115>$105
Price drop $125>$115
Eg sold!
All Sold
price drop 110>105 on the quoddys
Buyers are asked to send Paypal funds as a 'gift', or add 3% to their purchase. Shipment will be made within 3 business days of your transaction via USPS. Prices are included within given price. No refunds, measurements are clearly given. Please send inquiries directly to Engineered Garments Seersucker Jacket Size Small A bit small for my taste, but this has been worn only a few times. Had the sleeves taken in a bit from my tailor but saw no...
Dockers pending, price drops on the rest.
Price drops on everything, hit me up if you have any interest.
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