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Quote: Originally Posted by alexei I checked Consumer Reports for you as I have an online subscription. Unfortunately, they haven't done an electric shaver review since 11/02. so some models have been discontinued. Top 3 rotary shavers were: [1] Norelco Reflex Action #5861XL & #5822XL (latter model discontinued) - $80 [2] Norelco Quadra Action #6885XL & $7885XL - $110 [3] Norelco Micro-Action #4821XL & Micro-Action Plus $5812XL - $60 Top 3...
two chili dogs a bean and cheese burrito some salad mashed potatoes mike's hard lemonade
Quote: Originally Posted by redcaimen Go to South America and drink ayahuasca with the native indians. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- I think this is a Things to do before you are dead thread, not a things that are likely to get you killed thread. There are specific tours you can take that take you there to do just that. So there is no danger involved.
I know brass knuckles are illegal but does anyone know what would happen if you got caught with some one you?
I would have to say being a kid was the best time of my life. Think about it you have absolutely nothing to worry about except playing with your friends.
Go to South America and drink ayahuasca with the native indians.
Okay so I think im going to get a braun shaver. Does anyone recommend any specific model? Is there a big difference between them?
Hi I am wanting to buy an electic shaver.So I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to which one was a good one to buy? Any help would be appreciated.
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