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Thanks for this. Every time I get disgusted and swear I'll never visit Styleforum again, Vox (or one or two others) pulls a rabbit out of his hat and reminds me that this is a truly great site.
A non-fused shirt will last as long as the fabric holds together, and can look good even if it's threadbare. A fused shirt basically lasts until the fusing fails, at which point it looks pretty lousy.
I think you can pull all of this off. You can pull it off and put it back in the closet and not dress like a member of central casting.
Quote: Originally Posted by spb_lady I absolutely agree with Monton concerning Plato, but still i noticed it was easier to understand then Aristotle. For me at least ) As to some lighter matters... i liked Nietzsche, Descartes, Schopenhauer, Sartre much more. But i'm not sure it will be that easy to read them with no idea about what was written before and after... Which is something I've thought about tackling - reading philosophy...
Vaclava - the comma chameleon!!
What's next on the tear-it-up agenda? I always wondered what the inside of a TV looks like these days.
Your sizes are not that unusual at all. I don't see why you can't get a 46L and have it tailored to suit you. 240 isn't terribly obese for your height, and if you've got the shoulders to carry it you just look like an enforcer for the mob, not a fat guy. Don't know if there are "big and tall" clothing websites, I'm confident there are, where you can look at pictures, but they're geared more to REALLY big guys - 6'6" and taller, size 50 jackets, etc. You're not even...
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff why are most dry cleaners such dumb freaks? They have a cruel talent for doing the EXACT opposite of what I ask. Lab coats that I want pressed flat as a board come back with a perfect 3/2 roll. My favorite blazer comes back with the lapels smashed flat into the chest.
Quote: Originally Posted by Naive, Jr. Is this device to smooth or brush the velvet? It's to smooth and brush the mind. Enjoy your jacket - post pics. Velvet is one of those things I wish more men wore.
Quote: Originally Posted by milosz In this vein, I've never understood how either side claims an absolute reading of the Amendment - one side focuses on "well-regulated," the other on "not be infringed" - when they're both in play. Between Heller and McDonald, I think the SC has made the most reasonable judgement - there is an individual right, but it can be subject to reasonable restrictions. And in that vein, what is the proper path when...
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