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The view from Penn Station shortly.
Great. Let the hysteria begin. http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2014/10/23/cbs-2-officials-looking-into-possible-ebola-case-in-new-york-city/
Did they cross-rotate your tires when you had the rotors changed? Depending on the age of your tires and the frequency and style of rotation, if tires are cross-rotated the belts can move somewhat within the tires causing unevenness in the tires.
Cigarettes put my mother in the ground. Luckily that is on vice that was never addicting to me. When I did smoke, it always was Marlboro Reds, 80s.
No doubt. Consumer fraud right there. Given the lubricants in my fully synthetic motor oil and method of changing the oil (demonstrated below), I can go 7500 miles before I have to have my oil changed.
This is how I feel like dealing with the incompetent and obtuse individuals that seem to be everywhere today
forever sober...
He said he had taken on a pretty large case that was going to consume much of his time... perhaps that damn job of his is getting in the way?
I have to call the office manager to turn off my heater and open the window locks. Having a new office in the suite, not sure what the temp will be --- but I guess too high.
I was living in the Flatiron District in a full service building and had a layover stint on the UES while I was in the process of moving. I am now in lower Fairfield County, not as far out a Larry though. It's abt 50 mins by train to GCT. Excluding Bronxville, any of the places I liked (and would fit in) in Westchester County were fairly close to the border with CT. So it became a 40 min train ride vs. 50/55. At that point, it was is $25K or so more in property taxes...
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