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I have had a family of foxes living behind my house all spring and summer. Male/Female and at least three kits. Surprisingly they have actually taken to coming very close (under 5-8 feet) to the house (can tell from the scat). There is something great about sitting in my office at the house on Saturday morning and having a bucks in velvet meander by, a doe with her fawns, a fox or two and then a big tom come strutting through. Swear at one point, I saw a bobcat in the...
Because the person wouldn't be able to continue to kvetch about how overwhelmed they were any longer.
It's not warm apple pie, but to each his own I suppose.
As I was about to hit submit-- denying any relations with a Catholic -- I remembered her. We didn't spend much time speaking of religion... so it didn't jump to the forefront of my mind.
Ashkenazi yes.Sephardic ?
Made me thing of this... maybe NSFW [[SPOILER]]
And you sir win the internet.
Having been in or currently in several of those fields with a high rate of suicide, substance abuse and short life spans and seeing much of what you have written, quit wallowing in self-pity and pretending that you aren't scared shitless about the changes coming in your life. I have been there and done similar things that nearly destroyed me. Ain't no woman gonna save you or bring you back. The only one that can save you is you. There is no "one" woman. All there is,...
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