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price reduction to 160 ! they must go, they doesn't fit and I'm in need of a new pair of jeans !
Here I have a pair of Iron Heart Beatle Busters size 34 they have been hemmed to a 30 and still have a ton of life left I got them from a member here but unfortunately they won't fit me but the color and style is great !waist: 34.5in front rise: 11in thigh: 12 They were worth 400$ , I paid $200 will sell for 180 ( NOW 160 DOLLARS ONLY )! can consider a trade! The first image gives the best representation of color, the others ended up being more washed out than they...
I just broke my Nudie I bought from a member here , 1year of wear, was about to wash them for the first time lol ! I need size 33-34 good quality jeans, dark, a bit slimmer tahn regular fit. Thanks in advance
About size 33 , Slim fit but not too much, flathead or samurai or = quality. New or like new. Also got a nice Reg Ralkf for trade , wore it a month then got it hemmed but it's too short
Nice shoes collection ,why did you buy so many ? I'd be interested in the Nike, let me think about it !
160$ offer... if you want a quick sale
Quote: Originally Posted by intent I just bought this mattress. It's on sale right now: As for sheets, I've had good experience with Marshalls. Maybe Canadian Winners will have some 800/1000 thread sheets too? You can't go wrong with at least 250tc Egyptian/pima cotton. I live in canada so I can't order from this website
Quote: Originally Posted by Davidko19 your mom has a pretty comfy mattress...the sheets are a little damp though, wouldnt recommend those Yeah I know I slept there yesterday... she has a very deep throath But seriously... no one knows a good place?!
Quote: Originally Posted by why Sorry about that, by the way. why sorry about that?
Anyone know a good place online to buy nice bed sheets ?! Mattress too I need it all new, I live in canada thanks all
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