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With NAFTA I believe the TN visa is a very common way for Canadians to move to the US for work. It is a temporary 3 year work visa. Definitely weigh the cost/benefits of actually switching citizenships though. Canadian citizenship is one of the best if you plan on being an expat worker from a taxation and visa-free travel standpoint.
Quote: Originally Posted by GreenFrog was it an e46 or e9x? Older, E36. Had it for a long time, I hate the depreciation on the newer cars. Will probably buy something really classic next time around.
Quote: Originally Posted by GreenFrog Do you drive an M3? I did. Going without a car now until I settle somewhere where it makes sense to own one.
Quote: Originally Posted by henrikc That's what ticked me off as well, seeing as the first one looks like a 12" PowerBook. Other than that, how was living in Monaco? Epic. It's a small town so despite the wealth, I found it has a relaxed unpretentious vibe. It's in a spectacular location and you've even got skiing less than an hour drive away during the winter. Like any small town it can get a bit dull, especially during the off season. You...
Quote: Originally Posted by henrikc Amazing views from Monaco. Are all these pictures recent? I mean, do you own a condo in Monaco, Seattle and NY, or is it a timeline of where you've lived? Quote: Originally Posted by GreenFrog I'm guessing it's a timeline, as you can see his first macbook pro is the older aluminum body version, whereas the one in his monaco picture is the updated unibody version. ...
I'm a view person. I've been moving around too much to collect any substantial interior furnishings or purchase/refurbish a home or condo. So here are some pics of some views. Seattle Monaco New York If I stay in NY, I'll probably end up relocating for some better views.
Quote: Originally Posted by Quadcammer For me personally, the biggest error made by men today is not buying clothes that fit, regardless of what they are. I definitely think that is a big factor. In the US I think this is probably even more difficult given the weight distribution in the general populace. I am somewhat baffled when I try on clothes that fit lengthwise but are wide enough for me to smuggle a small mule. Small fit changes...
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Not rich enough for Monaco... One doesn't have to be an Emir to enjoy Monaco. It certainly doesn't hurt though.
The guy obviously likes to have some fun with colors. I think he would fit in fine in Monaco.
I noticed a few people had asked about the fit of a MacBook Pro 17" in the 256 and 257. I went down to the Filson store with my 17" and a sleeve. It will fit in the bags, but only in the center compartment and the fit is very tight with the sleeve on (you'll want the sleeve to avoid zipper scratches). Not an ideal situation, but if you don't carry your laptop on a daily basis I think it is ok.
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