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Hello I am interested, May I know where are you located? May I know the following about the brief case. What is the it made of exactly? ( a link from the official shore will help) Where is it made?
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackhood I usually use the "Hi, are you looking for anything specific or just browsing today?" gives people space to tell em to fuck off without feeling bad about it. SERIOUSLY YOU SAY THAT? A person could think... Are you assuming I'm just window shopping and not buying anything? Do you think I don't have the capacity to buy anything? -.- never assume anything, a simple Hello, how may I help you or do let us...
help please?
Both are for work and presentations Can someone recommend something? I wanted to seiko spirit but it was discontinued so I guess is back to the drawing board. Budget: 200USD for spectacles 300USD for watch - Seiko preferred
some help please?
stay with the topic please
Quote: Originally Posted by chrisc Will glasses do much at all? If you want to look older, you're going to have to wear glasses that older adults wear. Which means having to wear some damn ugly glasses. I would say a haircut or growing a beard does more for you. Or maybe gaining some weight if you're gangly. Spectacles itself won't be enough. I have a few suits, cuff links, BVG Charity Ring and watch. I am thinking of adding a spectacle...
Hello I have a problem. I am 27 year old but I look very young(20) but knowledgeable in my field. Every time when I have to a presentation or meet the customers, It takes a longer time to convince my customer to adopt my proposal or solution. My customers are usually very happy with the outcome but they always tell me I look too young and they apologies for being doubtful in the first place. I am hoping if someone can introduce me a spectacle that would help me look... Well if you still want to use it 50 years later, I guess durability is most important? T.H.E Pack comes with life time warranty, I suggest you get a T.H.E Pack for normal usage and Acronym 3rd Arm backpack 3A-7TS for more delicate usage.
There are black version for Civilian usage. If I am not wrong you can attach it to a jeans hook too.
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