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My old new standards (32) fit a little snug in the waist and are still fairly tight in the thigh after 3 years of high use and a handful of washes. It's time for a new pair and I was curious if a size up in the new standards would take care of the thigh tightness or would a switch to the rescues be more appropriate? I'm not a huge fan of the legit straight leg that the rescues have and don't want to mess with getting them tapered, so I would rather stick with new...
Clicked for Derrick, got Derek instead, am a little sad inside.
I ordered mine late August and haven't gotten it yet either. So you're not alone.
Shit then, I'll just be happy whenever I get it.
Could you provide a ballpark figure of when the orders from the August ordering period will ship?
Gant Rugger Canvas Hiker
Just got this off UniqueDUde1000 a couple of days ago. Tried it on and voilĂ , sleeves are too short. Guess that's what I get for measuring while drinking. Anywho, just trying to make some back...
Holla Holla. Why just shoes?
Dude Kent, I'm sure you know this, but the spread collar is dope fasho. I'm glad the June stock had some better colors. I love you.
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