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"The Unofficial (and Soon to Be Exiled to The Dumb Threads Section) Hereditary Ailments Thread" is starting to sound like a more appropriate title for this, but it's all good though.
So I guess I'm the forum idiot now?
Quote: Originally Posted by Threak Note to OP: You must be a member of the inner circle or have 30,000+ posts to start a successful "Official" thread. I realized that after i started the thread. Can I revise it?
I'm pretty sure he doesn't specify.
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira lol. I guess I should have used one "d." Although, I'm not aware of the swag of Mothers Against Drunk Driving. For all I know they could be wonderfully well dressed women.
(Ignore the word Official)Alright, so I noticed that there weren't (to my knowledge) any threads just about people with mad steez. Post pictures of the fits you find to have the most steez. Not nesissarily the best dressed, but the fits you find that represent the idea of what steez is all about. I'll start: I think Willycheesestake's got a certain dark swagger in this pic. Really diggin it.
Quote: Originally Posted by baba booey How about some of those long untucked monstrosities on that Gilt Juma sale? Those things are so hidous just to begin with... and then they decided to make everything brown and black, so now I'm just assuming it's a joke.
Helmut Lang Grunge Shirt APC New Cures Thrifted Plaid Shirt (Sears mens' clloection circa 1970) Topman Denim Shirt Clarks Chocolate Suede DBs Not in any particular order though.
Trepanier looked like a total douche. He had so many annoying elements going on in that outfit. I agree about the last guy for sure, and that kevin person dresses so boring. The only people deserving to be there were Ontario and Foo (of course.) I think we should strive for an all SF final 5 next year.
Radiohead Cold War Kids Fall Out Boy Sigur Ros Justice
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