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I've ordered from them a few times and have always had a great experience. They used DHL in my case if I remember correctly.
medium length asian hair doesn't really work since it just sticks out to the sides. i usually cut it short like that or grow it out to shoulder length
another price drop
backpacks are awesome, provided they're waterproof. I thought the old suede daypacks looked great, but weren't practical for those living in rainy climates. Knits would be cool, or maybe pants made of interesting materials that are less dressy than the current ones on offer.
If anyone going to the Union LA sale is willing to proxy, PM me please.
price drop!
bump, worldwide shipping now included
Yeah those are Ann D, thanks for the opinions guys
Yes/no? They're linen/rayon
I don't think those pants are meant to be worn high waisted, most of the Damir/Silent pants seem to have this drop crotch thing going on that looks better if you don't hike them up. Like shah said, it's probably best to look at other brands if that isn't the aesthetic you're looking for.
New Posts  All Forums: