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Quote: Originally Posted by bigbjorn Outing sales is great. And the source of merchandise should be disclosed -- it doesn't matter to me how much the seller paid. I just bought a Paul Stuart/Sammy navy windowpane suit on the sales forum for $299. I assume the buyer bought it at the sample sale on 38th, and probably paid less than that. But that doesn't matter to me -- it's a suit I really wanted, and very nearly paid $1384 for at retail a few weeks...
Quote: Originally Posted by bbaquiran I'll take this. If you could get the same size in gray, I'd appreciate it. I'll wait for your PM. Thanks. PM sent.
Updated with price drops on the three remaining pairs. I plan to see if I can grab more of these by week's end and I have requests for those of you who submitted them. No promises on those, but I'll definitely check to see what's available.
Bunch of ties for sale from my closet. Some are NWT, others are pre-owned. Payments by PayPal. All prices include shipping via US 1st class mail. PM me if interested. Thanks. [1] Battistoni. New with tags. Hand-made in Italy. Medium grey with subtle yellow, brown and cream stripes. 59 inches long. 3.75 inches wide. Very nice hand and weight to this one. $55 shipped. [2] Canali. New with tags. Made in Italy. Light blue with navy and white stripes....
Quote: Originally Posted by spectre Which means if you take a US size 9 you'll need a UK size 8. What he said. (Thanks.)
Quote: Originally Posted by lpresq How do they C&J's fit....i.e. do they run big? I'm about an 8D in most brands (A/E, Cole Haan, and Zegna). Do a search - there's a ton of info on this all over SF, including specific information on various C&J lasts and how they tend to fit. And don't forget that, typically, UK sizes are approximately 1 full size larger than US ones.
Quote: Originally Posted by JoelF +1. I stopped in the Daffy's in White Plains this week, what I saw was pure crap. Guys like the OP and Ed are well worth whatever they make on this nice stuff. Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel All the "sartoriale" mabitex (the ones with the basting stitch) and some of the others were NOT from daffy's, not that there is anything wrong with daffy's nor that I have not sold anything from...
Quote: Originally Posted by plotter Is the color of #2 accurated depicted? Is this a stone color bordering on white or a more cement and light grey stone color? PM me with better color depiction and I'll take it. Thanks. "Cement" is a great description for the color as it has a touch of grey in it. It's true in pic 2. PM sent.
Quote: Originally Posted by whacked And do you know about this thing called courtesy? . . . Quote: Originally Posted by arnach You can find these at any Daffys. However, trying to find these sizes and avoiding the weird, super low-rise ones and all the other crap strewn about is worth the finders fee. Obviously, I support this sentiment wholeheartedly. These are all typical flat-front styles. And if...
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 BHM, what's the rise on those pants? Lee, Rise measurements are: 1. 9.75 2. 10.5 3. 9.75 4. 11 5. 10.25 All measured top of waistband to crotch seam in inches. Listing is updated above.
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