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Moved this thing to eBay and dropped price here to $325. Hope someone grabs this - it's a beauty.
Everything is gone and selection on other sizes was beyond limited. My apologies to anyone who requested stuff - there was nothing good to offer.
2 new pairs added - both size Euro 50 / US 34. See original post for details.
Solid Grey Isaia Suit – 50L – Mint Condition SOLD. For sale from my closet. Isaia Napoli medium gray suit. Euro size 50L. See pic of the ticket for style name. Details: ~ Ticket pocket ~ Pick-stitching all over jacket and pants ~ Pink lining ~ Natural shoulders ~ Fully canvassed ~ Made in Italy ~ 100% wool ~ Lining is 100% bemberg
Quote: Originally Posted by AlanC I'm getting a 'Service Unavailable' at STP. +1
Oof. F*ing nice. Can you provide more details? Vents? Buttons? Etc? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbjorn Hey, BigHandMan, thanks again for the Paul Stuart windowpane suit. I just got the trousers hemmed and the sleeves finished. It's fantastic. I hope you made a fortune on it. Well, $50 at least! Great. I made exactly $0.00 but am happy it works for you. Wear it well.
Quote: Originally Posted by unpainted huffheinz This thread has saved me an order from and return to STP. Thanks. I ordered - and then returned - some of those. Fit was all over the place but nothing was particularly good. Quality was decent at best. I'm done with OTR shirts. And anyone willing spend about $100 on a Corneliani shirt should consider MTM. The extra $20-$30 (at a place like CEGO) is beyond well worth it. And if you're...
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Guys, it's simple: 1) PSAs are obviously fine, encouraged even. Information sharing is an important part of Styleforum 2) Trashing up other people's Selling threads is not cool, and is against the rules. If you have multiple personality disorder, I suppose that you can trash your own thread. 3) Don't post Private Messages on the forum to trash other members. All just a matter of...
Price dropped on sports jacket - and I'll take reasonable offers if you have 'em. Thanks.
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