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There's a certain Kennedy - Nixon thing going on here, no?
Quote: Originally Posted by Metlin The only time Palin can be more intelligent is when she is pregnant. That way, she has two brain cells in her instead of the usual one that she has now. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by NoVaguy I've stayed at the Loews on Market - it's nice. +1. Very cool feng shui vibe throughout and quite a nice bar area as I recall. If you're looking for a better rate there, try one of the online cheapy sites.
Uppers look ok, but the soles are just awful. For a bit more $$$, check out C&J's on
Glad this sold. Simply amazing fabric as noted above. Wear it well.
Anyone else watch the video on that tacky weddings site? Dude swallows microphone. F*ing classic.
I picked up a lower-priced suit at the Barneys warehouse sale. It's nothing special - half-canvassed, etc. - but the style and fit are terrific. Soft shoulders, decent pick-stitching, etc. Made in Italy. I can't figure out who makes it and am curious. Pics of the labels are below. Anyone? Thanks for the help.
Price dropped to $275. For a gray Isaia suit in mint condition. Puuuhhhlease.
Ok - pics and measurements are posted. PM me if interested. First paid, first sold. Thanks. 1. Hickey-Freeman Hand-Tailored Suit. Medium gray flannel with a white chalkstripe. 3B rolling to 2 jacket with dual vents and working buttonholes. Labeled a 40L but could fit a tall R just as easily. I think the length is about 31.5 inches. This was a Bergdorf Goodman sample piece. I bought it from The Quality Seller and it has been sitting in my closet ever since. Now...
1. Button-down shirt collars 2. Orchestral music 3. Works of non-fiction 4. Wingtips 5. Term life insurance 6. Children 7. Fences 8. Natural jacket shoulders 9. Bruce Springsteen 10. Automatic transmissions If that list makes me dull, then so be it. FWIW 10 years ago I was 25 years old and 5 weeks away from getting married.
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