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Measurements and pics are up. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by rioni I'm intersted I plan to post pics and measurements by tonight - stay tuned. Thanks.
Boglioli Suit. Euro size 52R but check measurements - could fit a 40 or 42. gone
Quote: Originally Posted by Michael Boehm Great work with the close-ups. Thanks. All from my little Nikon CoolPix 7900 compact. It has a nice close-up function and 7 MP helps. Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 Question about the David Donahue: I am very particular about the feel and heft of the ties I try to buy. How would you say this compares to Holliday&Brown, Altea, Hickey Freeman, RLPL or Oxxford? These are the...
Ties and Pocket Squares All prices include shipping via first class mail to continental US only. Sorry, but I'm not doing any overseas shipping on smaller stuff like this. Payments via PayPal. I'll take personal checks or money orders too but you'll have to wait until they clear before I ship. Please note these are on a "first paid, first sold" basis. PM me if you're interested in anything - thanks. Ties - Some NWT, some pre-owned. Move to new...
A qualified tailor can complete this work but it is not without risks. Whether BB has someone on staff who can do it is hard to know. If you have your own tailor, take the suit to him/her. However, I believe the Fitzgerald 1818 model - the line now on sale - features flat-front pants on most or all models. It's a single-vent jacket, and you won't find much love for that around SF, but the pants are flat and slimmer than other 1818 models I've seen.
Ralph Lauren Signature Line Navy Sport Jacket sold
Wow. This is crazy. I was at this very store about 2 weeks ago and they had NOTHING in any size larger than 38. Now there's a feeding frenzy for 40, 42, etc. - exactly what I need. How exactly does that happen?
Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac the humor wore off at bit after slide #35 Yeah. There's only so many times "f*ck you" can be funny. Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Maybe I just know a lot of really stupid people. Misery loves company?
Quote: Originally Posted by Étienne I just checked. See some polls recounted here. Apparently your memory is incorrect. In early October 2000, CBS had the two candidates tied, but ABC, Reuters/Zogby, CNN/Gallup and Newsweek all had Bush ahead (+1 to +3). No poll had Gore ahead. Then I stand corrected. Memory did not serve. The Homer Epic Fail thing is still pretty funny. Admittedly, I was trying to find a way to weave that...
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