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ann hathaway. no?
Quote: Originally Posted by dirk diggler DAMN! OBAMA IS RUNNING THE TABLE WITH VOTES STILL COMING IN ! ! ! ! Can he hit over 360? I think we've officially hit landslide. The rest is gravy. Mmmmmmmm... gravy....
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 ^don't be butt-hurt. lots of good numbers still available. I have no idea what that means. So now this thread REALLY sucks.
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkNWorn Yeah, bunch of whiney Republican little bitches. McCain, on the other hand, is nothing but a classy chap. Disagree. It's easy to be classy when conceding. Far more difficult throughout an actual campaign. Good speech nonetheless. I wish he had conducted himself this way throughout.
+1 gdl. AFAIAC, she can go back to watching Putin enter our airspace from her office window and never be heard from again.
This thread sucks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Grayland Out of my price range, but I would imagine you'll need to post pics and measurements real soon. Yeah... great fabric. HF hand tailored makes a very nice garment, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by ekaJ Any guesses as to what this might be? Me and 3 friends were standing outside the Apple store in NYC when a woman in her mid 20's (we're 19-22) comments on my friend's jeans (they were plain). Then she brings up things like football and the subway. My friend with the jeans is shy so she turned her attention to another friend. She points out the building behind the apple store and says she works there.. blah blah. She asks...
Sold a bunch of stuff above and just dropped prices on remaining ties. PM me if interested. Thanks.
Dropped the price to $400 shipped + no more upcharge for PayPal. PM me if interested. If not, back it goes. Thanks.
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