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Thanks to maj and Guero for their purchases. Good buyers, both.
For sale – Allen Edmonds belts and Puma sneakers. All payments by PayPal. PM me if you’re interested in anything. Thanks. I’m a reputable seller on SF but haven’t been around for a while. You’ll find feedback on me in the buyers and sellers feedback thread if you search. Also, I sell on eBay under “manosgrandes” and my feedback there is 100% positive. Shipments to continental US only. Thanks. BOTH A.E. BELTS SOLD. PUMAS STILL UP FOR SALE. THANKS. Allen Edmonds...
SOLD Movimento Overcoat with Loro Piana Storm System I’m long on outerwear, so this one is going. The construction is nice is, as is the fabric. Soft hand and natural shoulders. It may look black in some of the pics but it’s clearly charcoal gray in person. Details: Made in Italy 100% wool with Loro Piana Storm System for rain and wind protection 3 buttons with hidden placket Hacking pockets with ticket pocket 1 interior pocket Natural shoulders Single Vent Peak...
#1 and #3 are sold. Prices reduced on most of the others, just in time to beat black Friday. PM me if interested in any tie or in combos. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chim12 Sold or still available? Must be too late on this.... SOLD.
Ties for sale, all from my closet. Time to clear some space. All ties listed are four-fold. Payments by PayPal. PM me if interested. All prices include shipping via first class mail. Thanks. #1. Breuer. Navy with small white spots. Originally purchased NWT from the Quality Seller himself. Nice weight - ties a great knot. Made in Italy. All silk. I think I might have worn it 1-2 times, if that. 59 inches long. 3 and ¾ inches wide. $35. SOLD. #2....
Reducing 10% to $675. For brand new RLPL! Come on, people!
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff yeah when i had this suit it ran true to size. Yep. Measurements are accurate. I just don't fit those measurements!
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley Would you say this was big on you? Ever so slightly. I'm really a US 39R / Euro 50R, but with RLPL running slim I thought I'd try a 42. Don't know about anyone else, but I seem struggle with fit in standard RLPL and RLBL. This suit would fit a slim 42 or a fuller 40. I'm just not that guy.
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