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Two thoughts: 1. Somebody must have been quasi-stalking the prince to notice that he wore the same shirt twice over a six year period. 2. Having a 40 year old pair of shoes isn't that impressive when you consider that he must have dozens of pairs to rotate through.
I dunno, it kind of defeats the purpose to have someone else push the cart while you wear a white mink coat. Also, for a man of the cloth, he looks a lot like a pimp. I think it's the fur coat+cane combo that does it.
Bizarre, I can barely find any information about this guy. There's nothing about him on wikipeida. All I can find is this excerpt from an article ( (it wants me to pay to read the rest). Apparently, he was arrested "at the height of his fame" for propositioning an undercover policeman. Also, he died in 1971.
You can't go wrong with a white linen pocket square. But it's not that exciting either. Your pocket square should never match your tie, but a popular strategy is to have it "catch" one of the colours from the tie. Tie choice really depends on your hair and eye colour, etc. Check out the Ask Andy website for more information.
Maybe it's just me, but I find one-button suits too austere. Also, putting in working buttonholes, even when it's not necessary, is often used as a sign of craftsmanship (like working cuffs, which should never be left unbuttoned). Finally, the lower button can come in handy. Walking outside on a windy day, it's preferable to button both buttons than to have your jacket flapping around in the wind, IMO.
I always wondered if money could buy class. I guess now I know the answer is no.
Quote: Originally Posted by ziggyosk does anyone know how to get their shoes like the ones on this website? I can't read it cause it's in french I think. I think they call that process glacage, how do I get my shoes like that? You mean like this: Here's how:
Quote: Originally Posted by MikeAmazn Where do i find an old school tux with the coat tails and everything? like the one that one guy wears in that movie THE HUSTLE? Look up "white tie". Is that what you mean?
I think smart casual would imply dress trousers (i.e. not jeans) and a jacket. I recommend a Harris Tweed (maybe a bit pricey, but it will last forever, and it's great quality) for the winter and a nice linen jacket for the summer. Also, explore shirts. There are all sorts, and they don't have to be dull. To be really safe, you could wear a tie. It's a great way to add colour to your clothes, and it will prevent people from accusing you of being underdressed.
I recommend wearing a suit. Best to risk overdressing and distinguishing yourself in a good way than underdressing a distinguishing yourself in a bad way.
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