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It depends on the buckle and what you are wearing with it. If it's too big and shiny(think WWF title belt) then run away. Vintage ones are usually better. I've got an unusual but cool brass Buffalo bill's wild west show souvenir buckle that I wear all the time. The right western buckle looks great with the right jeans and shirt. Don't listen to the fashion nazis here(No offense fashion nazi's)
Cant stand Ed Hardy crap. I do however have a few cool Sailor Jerry Collins items(Which is who Ed Hardy is trying to be). The shirts and wifebeaters are made by American Apparel and very understated. I'm really glad that the Sailor Jerry line is flying under the radar and not going the way of Hardy or Von-Dutch.
Hebrew National or Kosher best would be a ok substitute for Vienna Beef. As for the sport peppers, You could probably substitute mild pickled Jalepenos from the mexican grocery section.
I dont see people wearing these all that often(which I dont mind) I've been wearing them since I was a kid and love em. You cant go wrong with a pair of Chippewa's Or Double H's. Here's a site that has some nice vintage examples. Anyone own any?
I'd be in if the meet up spot was someplace fun like Delilas , the Hideout or Fitzgeralds.
Hmmm I dont know how easy it'd be to find xl japanese made hawaiian shirts. Dont they tend to make the majority of clothes in smaller sizes? This place has some killer shirts. A google search of vintage hawaiian shirts will turn up some hits I think. The fun of this stuff is hunting for it. Good luck.
This site has the rundown on the history of Hawaiian shirts as well as tones of killer shirt porn. It seems that rayon print shirts were popular from the 30s to the 50s. There are some killer examples shown too. Just killer
10 am is definitley not Hot Dog time. Maybe 6-7 am, only cause' ya been out drinkin' all night, and hell, when yer in the bag most anything is tasty.
Pink's is like some mecca for Americana Hotdog connoisseurs. I'd love to go there if I was in the neighborhood but I'm way impatient when it comes to long lines , and I know I'd end up splittin'
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