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Wow, nice Vass shoes ! I am from HK too. Kolecho, how come your bay window marble stone so much looks like the place I live..... :-) I am interested to get some Vass shoes from you.
My latest purchase: heavy heavy IWC 7 Days Ingenieur with steel bracelet Thanks for looking :-)
I think it is a classic and always good for the summer. You can't go wrong.
Black shoes are necessary but in my shoes collection, about 10% are black. Most others are different brown or tan. Unless black suits or black pants, I mostly wear brown/tan shoes.
Gaz, Great catch. The shoes are too sexy for you to wear and Mrs. Gaz may not like you wearing them to get female attentions. So, what to do ? Pass them to me at half of your cost, kakakaka :-)
1) Black Cap Toe Oxford 2) Brown Full Brogue Wingtip 3) Tan Suede Chukka Boot Rubber Sole
Gold or Silver Shiny Sneakers or Casual Shoes .... I cannot stand them !!! Too Bling Bling !!
I would go for the Panomatic Lunar. Lovely movement !
Mostly Buttoned if dress more formally. Show the cut better :-) If dress less formal, buttoned or unbuttoned depends on the mood and weather :-) HAGWE !
Favorite: Panerai, Patek, Lange, Rolex Least Favorite: Ebel, Breitling and current Zenith
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