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Waist aligned measurment?
Is the fabric woolen or is it more of a dress shirt fabric. Also, S2S and P2P please
Would lowering the collar reduce the wrinkling in the back?
Quote: Originally Posted by osadolor619 Do you have to make a new thread everytime you add an item? I am also selling items on here a d would appreciate if they weren't on page 15 by tomorrow. Seconded... the least you could do is consolidate your threads. You may also look into buying a sponsored link since it seems like styleforum is a major part of your marketing.
Hey man, just curious whether this fits slim or TTS, not familiar with Jil knits. Free bump.
updated fit pic of TOJ bomber.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sharpe Wow, way to blow your top over nothing. It was an 'offer' - testing the waters. Calm the hell down mate. I dont understand why you wouldn't pm the offer.
Quote: Originally Posted by kixslf this shit is so annoying Ya so we better all quote it.
Do your research over on the streetwear and denim side my special little flower.
Hey would love to take a look if anyone has any S or M RLBL Sweaters. Mainly interested in crews and Vs. No interest at all in T-Knecks. Thanks in advance.
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