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Does anyone know if there are any options such as getting these adjusted price-wise? I bought two different sizes in the red wing heritage classics that were on sale, one pair is new and clean, and the other that fits me better - dirty, clearly worn and returned. Feel like I should not pay price they are asking or would have paid for the clean pair.
thanks! i was thinking light grey as well, neutral. a little safe, but it works.
title says it all… looking for ideas. not sure what color scarf i should get for my blackwatch toggle.
why would someone pay 200 dollars for a used iPhone 4 when they can get the new iPhone 5 for the same price… #dumbfounded
Looking to purchase jcrew - wallace & barnes navy sawtooth parka from Winter 2012 in a size small
thanks all, and i will def not be wearing all of these articles at the same time. just the rugby and the tie with a button down under it. unless someone can point me toward a tie option that would go with the rugby better.. im not sure of what color would look best but i wont be adding the plaid coat anytime soon.
Hoping that someone can assist me identifying the tie in this pic based on the design. I believe it's michael bastian based on the shirt and the madras jacket but I cant seem to find this tie design anywhere online. Its definitely from a few seasons ago. And i do believe it's green howver the colors are decieving in this, the shirt is blue and yellow stripes but doesnt quite look yellow so maybe the tie isnt green? please click on image to enlarge it
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