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It seems like a high quality door - hinges have ball bearings (yay?) and heavy duty aluminum flashings outside. But it still seems high so I'm going to get a few more quotes.
How much should I spend on a new front door (frame and sidelight window)? I was just given an estimate of $3500+ (Canada).
This photo may have changed my mind.
I might be the only one who doesn't really care for any of those collar styles. Oh well, chacun à son goût.
@ammanati Very happy you posted those photos. I'm having a safari jacket made up in that fabric right now.
Can you kindly explain the utility of this design?
You're best bet is to send an email to Luxire with the details and desired fabric and request a price.
Both of my jackets are fully canvassed wool and there is a lot of handwork throughout. A lot of attention to detail. Quality:Price is very good although if I'm being very critical there is still a bit of room for improvement in these areas:-Buttonhole handwork-Shoulder expression/shape/consistency-Working with soft/thin shoulder paddingThat being said I'm comparing with OTR jackets that cost about 4-6x the price.EDIT: I also have an unstructured linen casual jacket on the...
If you have specific questions I'll do my best to answer. I have two Luxire sport coats that were copied from a jacket that I sent in (this is my recommended approach).
Update: I was able to reduce the sheen a little bit by hovering my iron over the affected area and blasting it with steam, followed by doing circular brushing with a Kent clothes brush. Obviously not an ideal treatment. Keep an eye on those elbows and take your jacket off when you sit down!
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