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Not from my personal collection unfortunately.
Although it's being worn very well I still have difficulty seeing young men in hats. I wish it weren't so.
I think it looks really good, but since it sounds like you're soliciting feedback I'll get nitpicky:The lapel roll and button stance are marvelousI like the diagonal cuff slant, could also be nice if done with even more angleI like the shoulder expression although for my personal taste it could be slightly more conservativeIt might be the way you're standing but your forward shoulders are introducing a ripple at the collarbone. This is also just a fact of life with lightly...
I'm also a small-timer wine collector and I visit a wine forum. The same traits are demonstrated over there. It's really just about the collector mentality. Filling the 'gap in the wardrobe' or 'backfilling your cellar'. It happens in every hobby. The elephant in the room is that some of these gents dropping 50k a year on clothes don't actually dress all that well or look good.
It seems like a high quality door - hinges have ball bearings (yay?) and heavy duty aluminum flashings outside. But it still seems high so I'm going to get a few more quotes.
How much should I spend on a new front door (frame and sidelight window)? I was just given an estimate of $3500+ (Canada).
This photo may have changed my mind.
I might be the only one who doesn't really care for any of those collar styles. Oh well, chacun à son goût.
@ammanati Very happy you posted those photos. I'm having a safari jacket made up in that fabric right now.
Can you kindly explain the utility of this design?
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