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I'll measure for you when I get home.
Which cut? American or Italian?
I don't cuff any of my trousers, regardless of fabric choice.
Since my Iron Heart 634s are wearing out I need a denim recommendation. I'd like: -Dark indigo blue wash -'regular' fit like APC NS (but a higher rise would be a plus) -Slight taper below the knee -Non raw. Don't want indigo bleed. -Don't care about selvedge. Any suggestions?
I just received the camel moleskin pants. Soo cozy. I'm eagerly anticipating a restock in American cut pants for spring!
Can anyone who owns the Italy pants in a 32 or 34 measure the thigh for me (2" below crotch)? That measurement is not on the site. Thanks!
I love the grey serge but they're the exact same color as the flannels I ordered recently.
Can we not shit up this thread please?
Thanks for your reply - everyone totally understands. Best of luck with everything and I'm really excited to see what your restock brings.
Maybe this breaks the first and second rule of fight club... but I wonder if it would be possible to establish some standard metrics for thrifting. eg: -hot streak (store visits per single item with over $100 profit at market) -grind value (store visits per item with any flippable value) -sunk cost per visit (gas, time, etc) over net sales -some way to calculate which stores or neighborhoods are most likely to yeild ... At this point I only really buy stuff I need for...
New Posts  All Forums: