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Can we not shit up this thread please?
Thanks for your reply - everyone totally understands. Best of luck with everything and I'm really excited to see what your restock brings.
Maybe this breaks the first and second rule of fight club... but I wonder if it would be possible to establish some standard metrics for thrifting. eg: -hot streak (store visits per single item with over $100 profit at market) -grind value (store visits per item with any flippable value) -sunk cost per visit (gas, time, etc) over net sales -some way to calculate which stores or neighborhoods are most likely to yeild ... At this point I only really buy stuff I need for...
I have navy Canali suit pants roughly size 34. Single pleat, cuffed, very nice. Available at cost or for trade. PM me.
It seems to depend on the pant and size. I just compared the Tasmanians vs the American Flannel in a 34 and the only apparent difference was 0.5" in the rise. Maybe I'll just go ahead with my order instead of waiting.
Jamison, are you expecting to have any Made in USA twill (or non-flannel) wool trousers in the near future? Looking for charcoal and light grey and was leaning towards the Tasmanian wool but I love the cut of the made in USA pants.
I didn't know HR ever carried Kiton.
Looks good to me!That looks effin awesome! White PS would top it off.
Glad to hear you're back in the saddle Jamison. I'm ready to order two more pairs of pants!
Rich Chocolate Brown Suede Recently resoled This last can accommodate US size 10 or slightly larger. I would accept an even trade for the right pair of hefty long wing bluchers (Florsheim, etc) in size 10.5. Includes shipping to NA. Payment via Paypal. All sales final. Trees not included. Hi res album: http://imgur.com/a/6uTQv
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