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@ammanati Those trousers look excellent. Can you share your design thought process and post detail shots of the trousers? Also, do you find that the cotton twill drapes nicely as a pleated trouser compared to wool? I'm not sure whether Luxire shapes "fullness" into their wool trousers so I'm not sure if there is really much difference between cotton and wool as a tailoring fabric.
Are there no darts in the rear of the trousers? Perhaps post a picture of the well fitting pair also.
You're much better off going slowly. If you spend it all at once there's a very good chance that you will not like most of what you bought in a year or two. My advice is to start off with one shirt and a trial pair of trousers from Luxire and build from there.
I would argue that @dieworkwear seems to have left out novelty as a major influence across both forums.
Yes, my comment didn't come across the way I wanted it to. Sorry everyone, the intent was in jest. Luxire is working on an item for me and there was a technical issue that had to be corrected. They have begun work on correcting it and I'm holding off on posting more details until I receive the remade garment.
*edit - deleted...*That didn't come across the way I wanted it to. My apologies to razl.
Forward pleats (opening towards the fly) are more of a Brittish thing and reverse pleats are more of an American thing. I've seen Italian designers go either way. Functionally they are the same. Interesting that this discussion should occur, because I'm currently measuring and preparing to place an order for trousers with a high rise (about belly button), single forward pleats and side adjusters. EFV has posted some beautiful examples earlier in the thread and...
I don't think you can call it bespoke without an in-person fitting... but the customizability makes it very close.
Does anyone own the bridle belt? I'm wondering if it's too rustic/chunky to wear with a suit.
Congrats! Suit looks great - any more detail shots and details about the design process?
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