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Thanks Erik! Being able to see how things work behind the scenes really makes customers like me feel closer to the brand. I appreciate the time and effort you took to put this together!
Shirt looks nice but I can't say I like the color combo.
Probably mislabeled.
A nice tan sportcoat in a summer weight would look nice. (Northern Lights effect not withstanding) I agree that I wouldn't order both belt loops and side adjusters, but I'm sure the requester had some reason for it. I prefer the adjusters on the waistband rather than on the seam... if they are on the seam and they are cinched they can create a weird flare out effect on the waistband.
Is anyone else having trouble adding items to the online cart? It seems like when I add the third item it clears the previous two. I have tried in two separate browsers. Perhaps @Luxire has a suggestion. Here are the fabrics I'm trying to...
I wanted to add another positive comment regarding Luxire's customer service. There was a very difficult situation regarding an order miscommunication and Ashish and I were able to find a solution that was acceptable for both parties. Luxire is working very hard to keep us happy Theresa was also doing a stand up job, however Luxire has kicked it up a notch in this department.
Also curious about this. I suspect the tailors will take this into account but it never hurts to include instructions like "please adjust the pattern to account for the thickness of the fabric but fit the same as order XXXX"
I'm interested in what kind of a split hem you went for. I ordered a popover recently and it fits a little tight around the hips. I was planning for some kind of split hem next time.
I feel like this is going to be the "new look" for SF CM over the next couple of years. I've already begun ordering my trousers higher waisted and with forward pleats.
Theresa recommended that I ask for a new pattern to be made from scratch and send the same measurements. Fixed this issue for me.
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