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That discussion might be worthy of another entire thread, but I nominate chocolate brown suede shoes (chukkas, wingtips, etc) as a CMC staple.
@JezeC I would reduce the shoulder width by up to 1cm on both sides first.
Should work, just be mindful of shrinkage.
This thread is on fire lately.
Not even close to the image on the Luxire website but certainly not terrible... could be worn well with stone grey chinos in the summer to a BBQ or something.
Between that rant and the stuff on the Casual thread, @thefoxtooth has become my favourite new poster
I've never had a QA problem but I've had minor details missed on orders. It happens and only once have I had an issue large enough that I decided to be worth the time and expense to send it back to Luxire (on a sportcoat). Anyone expecting 100% quality control is in for a disappointment (equally true for high end sports cars or trial test fit trousers). As a customer, I would prefer free shipping both ways to fix mistakes, but it is what it is. Their policy works to weed...
$47, $49, $61 are more like the average prices of the wines in my cellar
Not from my personal collection unfortunately.
Although it's being worn very well I still have difficulty seeing young men in hats. I wish it weren't so.
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