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Changetip will begin to charge 1% on withdrawals from their digital wallet (which I don't think is unreasonable - credit cards routinely charge ~4% per transaction). No fee for actually making Changetip transactions. Fans could tip directly from their personal Bitcoin wallet to any Bitcoin address for free of course (truly removing all middle men). Still a far cry from the behemoth that is the recording industry leeches.
The future will be micropayments (tips) using digital currency like Bitcoin. ChangeTip has recently integrated with SoundCloud so that users can tip the artists they enjoy directly with Bitcoin. It is already in place for Youtube and other social media platforms. The middle man will be cut out completely.
Awwww yeah. That's mine.
@clarksdb I have two polos (dark green and pink) making their way into Canada now. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm 6'2", 190lbs, 40L and went with an XL.
@emptym I wonder if you could introduce Luxire to Cisco and see if they can investigate stocking the fabrics.
Wow, that's quite an arrangement. I've probably ordered 20 shirts with the NOBD2 collar. Maybe I need to design my own collar to subsidize by Luxire habit.
That's a tempting price. It would be really great to do a test fit pair with an inexpensive material and then use that pattern for bespoke gloves. I'd be willing to be a guinnea pig.
@Luxire what will the price be for gloves? Is it possible to source peccary leather?
That discussion might be worthy of another entire thread, but I nominate chocolate brown suede shoes (chukkas, wingtips, etc) as a CMC staple.
@JezeC I would reduce the shoulder width by up to 1cm on both sides first.
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