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Beautiful lugging.
Something something derailleur this thread. My daily commuter: Album: https://imgur.com/a/iVGYn
Request heavy interlining in the waistband. I have also asked for heavier in the front and lighter in the back but with that particular fabric I can't really feel the difference.
To anyone who has ordered denim from Luxire - how are the various raw denim options fading? Are they breaking in comparably to any other well known raw denim brand (APC, etc)?
Argh that feeling when my Luxire Fedex shipment misses making it onto the truck 2 days in a row...
It would be neat if each fabric review could be broken down into some smaller categories (wrinkle resistance, color swatch accuracy, sheen, etc) kind of like what zappos does for shoe fit survey. Also @luxire perhaps the amount of time that passes before the request for fabric review email is sent out should be lengthened. 75% of the time I haven't even received my order before I get the review email, the other 25% of the time I haven't worn it yet or maybe have worn it...
I also have those and I find that the sky blue oxford is perhaps an 8/10 wrinkle resistance (I find it pretty good personally) and the lustrous fine white is like a 4/10. I also have some G+R fabrics that are quite wrinkle prone, like 6/10.
Which fabrics do you find wrinkly? I find the university stripe oxfords extremely wrinkle resistant. I have 5 or 6.
I'm not familiar with Ventile.... doesn't seem to be used often in Canada. How does performance compare to GoreTex or eVent? I might consider making a waterproof cycling jacket if it breathes well.
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