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@Luxire - any new tweed / winter fabrics in the pipe in anticipation for autumn?
They probably can, but FedEx will serve you with a $20 remittance fee for the privilege.
This seems certainly interesting however I had been thinking of a more definitively "summer" fabric (like a 12 oz slate or tan colored linen-cotton). Might be a more popular fabric than a heavy black linen jeans.
To anyone with Linen pants - do you think any of the linens would translate well into a pair of linen "jeans"? I guess my main concern is their ability to hold shape without looking stretched out as the linen is lighter weight and might be prone to stretching, knee-bags or dumpy fit when worn like a slim cut pair of jeans.
Far from the worst thing I've seen in the Pitti photos...
The swedes are really rockin it. Great job! Also the groomed beards are a refreshing change from the unkempt lumberjack look I see around my town. Thanks EFV!
Thanks - I might just ask Luxire to hot wash the raw denim before cutting to minimize the risk.
@Bakkerrr looks great - did you measure off of an existing pair of jeans or did you specify measurements in some other way? And did you find the shrinkage was close to what Luxire specifies on the denim ordering page?
Adding to the Stowa love-in. Stowa Marine Automatic. I ordered it on May 21st and it shipped on May 30th. I actually have to send it back to Stowa as the crown is unscrewing from the stem when I set the time in the forward direction. Stowa has offered to pay shipping both ways.
It's the middle of summer and I'm wearing autumn clothes - IDGAF. Luxire Dugdale bottle green cords, Luxire warzone white oxford, navy j.crew crew neck sweater, Stowa Marine Automatic, Kent Wang captoe.
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