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The jacket was beautifully made, lots of hand work everywhere. The only noticeable difference between the reference jacket and the Luxire jacket was that the shoulder padding was very slightly thicker. I will be posting pictures when I get around to it - hopefully before the new year. I have ordered another sport coat. As far as I can tell, my Zegna jacket was very well taken care of.
I sent in a well fitting Ermenegildo Zegna sport coat and it was copied exactly.
Luxire follows directions indiscriminately - I'm really curious what you would have gotten
I will reiterate my desire for a Savile Row style label.
Please document everything!
I have ordered Grandi & Rubinelli Pale Indigo Oxford and I have a G&R tattersall on order right now. The indigo was true to the color on the site and it felt like a 'finer' fabric than I expected given the weight. Nice quality, tighter weave rather than the fluffy soft texture of some oxfords. On the dressier end of the oxford spectrum.
Thanks Erik! Being able to see how things work behind the scenes really makes customers like me feel closer to the brand. I appreciate the time and effort you took to put this together!
Shirt looks nice but I can't say I like the color combo.
Probably mislabeled.
A nice tan sportcoat in a summer weight would look nice. (Northern Lights effect not withstanding) I agree that I wouldn't order both belt loops and side adjusters, but I'm sure the requester had some reason for it. I prefer the adjusters on the waistband rather than on the seam... if they are on the seam and they are cinched they can create a weird flare out effect on the waistband.
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