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The front is missing: Just kidding - looks great!
I'm 95% sure that most of these people aren't doing this for practical reasons - they really just don't give a fuck about how they look.
Pal Zileri made in Italy Wool/Mohair overcoat. EU size 50. Raglan sleeve - made to be worn over a suit jacket. I'm willing to take offers on this one... it's a milk chocolate sort of colour. There are a couple small round inconspicuous blemishes (moths?) but they do not go through the fabric.
I don't like the look. I'd rather do a sports coat without tie than a tie without a jacket. I' suggest a perfectly fitted shirt, trousers, and great shoes and watch.
I think that to the average consumer high price = high quality. They're trying to price their wares up into the 'luxury' market.
Not sure I understand why some of you want your girl to dress like a man. It might be cute once in a while, but all the time is
The edges of the face do not go past the edges of my wrist (and my wrists are thin). My only comment is that it seems a touch tall. But you get used to it quickly.
I'd like to purchase a high end (Isaia, RLPL, etc) suit to be worn for my wedding. Willing to pay a fair asking price. -40R Solid Navy (~18.25" shoulder), drop 7 or so -Fully canvassed Sorry, not interested in pinstripes, windowpane, self stripe, etc. Looking for solid navy.
Crotch blowout on my IH 634s after 14 months. Disappointing considering the reputation IH has. My last pair of $40 Levis lasted 12 months... Sorry for shitting up your thread Kiya.
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