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See the post below for specifics. Basically it was made by a higher end local MTM shop that does good work, and the fit is out of this world. [[SPOILER]]
I go: 1. Suits / sport coats 2. Shoes 3. Ties 4. Pants 5. Outerwear 6. Sweaters 7. Luggage / bags 8. Make a walk through of the electronics, furniture, etc I usually skip: -Tshirts -Dress shirts (I do MTM shirts - nothing ever fits right OTR so I just skip) -Jeans (all crap where I live) Basically my theory is that I would hate for 'the good stuff' to disappear off the suit or shoes rack while I'm sifting through sweaters so I go for the most desirable finds first.
I think my radar might be way off on the desirability of Harris Tweeds. Since I'm in a colder climate (Canada) I could literally bag 6-8 HT jackets per thrift. I always leave them thinking that they are just as ubiquitous everywhere else. Maybe I should start picking more of them up and making them available. My recent one was only purchased because it was way up there on the fit/quality/fabric scale.
The pattern matching on that suit leaves a little to be desired...
I think that since this is an 'on ice activity' one should do it. Off ice stuff is completely different.
Jil Sander 48R navy 3-roll-2 jacket for sale here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/9006/the-official-thrift-discount-store-bragging-thread/23760#post_5141432
Found one on the 'bay.
The comments section of that article was pretty awesome. My experience at HR: Uneducatead, snobby sales folk and crazy markups. I think I'll stick to buying online.
Wonder if he gets extra suspension for bailing on the ASG (like Lidstrom a few years back). Sucks for me, since I have tickets, but I've seen Ovie play before.
Here's some of my recent finds. I don't think I've posted any of these yet. Stuff I'm looking to sell or trade (low prices! - any imperfections have been noted). PM me for measurements. I really need to get this stuff out of my closet. Zegna Glenplaid Sportcoat (MTM but fits like US 38R - very slim) Zegna High Performance Sportcoat, made in Italy (fits like US 42R). Awesome lapel roll - 3 roll 2. Minor chip on one sleeve button Canali Sportcoat (EU 50R). Awesome...
New Posts  All Forums: