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Sens win again. - - - #winning
Is it possible to have a search flag that only searches for posts that have text + images? ie: narrow down searches to posts that use the img tag or whatever.
I'm looking for grey flannels in a winter weight wool. Medium rise, flat front. I'd like to put a 1.5" cuff, so unfinished or roughly 32" cuffed inseam preferred. Please PM me pics/measurements if you have something for sale. Thanks!
Not a good sign for upcoming CBA talks.
I also think that Canada and Sweden are very close in terms of culture and values - we feel a sort of kinship with the Swedes.
Good luck.
I regularly pass on Sauelsohn suits at the thrifts that are not my size. Doesn't seem to be an appetite for them on B+S. Hopefully this thread changes that view. I have a few Sammy SCs that I wear regularly.
Is this a typical procedure for a tailor? I never thought to have my jackets altered in this manner.
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