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I've worn my Warehouse sweatshirt a few times and it's starting to break in and fit really well.
Iron Heart 634s all year around.
Quote: Originally Posted by booger you guys do realize this is a repro and that is how they are supposed to fit, right? Probably should've done a little research before jumping that gun, hombres. Sorry, I don't read Japanese. Info on these sweatshirts was a little hard to come by... I looked.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chip_H_Style Just receiveved my Warehouse sweatshirt and the fit is strange. VERY slim and short, even for a medium, and the neck rests high, higher than JCrew's normal sweatshirt neckline. If you are a v-neck man, as I am, stay away from this sweatshirt. On the plus side, the fabric is great and construction is top notch. They just need to adjust the fit to really make it worth the price. I found it to feel strangling,...
Just bought the Warehouse loopwheeled sweatshirt. Here's a promo code for free shipping: RMA43L I'll report back on the fit.
I think I have to pull the trigger on this: http://images.jcrew.com/erez4/erez?s...if&tmp=prdDtIm
mystillwater, great communication throughout, would shop again A+++ Thanks!
I don't mind this kind of spam.
Werd. It's like wearing a quilt.
Still looking...
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