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Video should be called "How J Crew Buys Fabric That Somebody Else Makes"
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. I'm an intermediate rider that likes something all-mtn. I usually split my time between back bowls and the park. Since my only recent experience is with Burton, I'd suggest a Custom with Cartel's.
Burton Supermodel with Cartel EST and Ruler boots. You really need to pick your board to match your riding style and experience. My board would destroy beginners but it's great for me since I've been riding for 12 years.
Either become knowledgeable about wine or stick to the San Pellegrino during dinner.
I usually just assume that it's fake when I see it.
Maybe you can shop together. If he insists on buying you clothing, suggest that you pick something out together.
Man up and tell him you're unhappy with the way it turned out and ask him what the next steps are.
Just thought I would mention I'm also in the market for a navy suit that matches the above description (with flat front pants) at a sub $750 range.
I'm looking for a navy blazer that matches as many of the following criteria as possible: Want: Solid navy Two button or 3 roll 2 Full canvas Wool (or blend) Sub $500 asking price Do not want: Pinstripes or other textures (herringbone, etc) Silk, cotton, etc Thanks!
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