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I have about $500 worth of stuff sitting in my bag on the website waiting for me to order. I'm holding out for a 20+% with free shipping coupon code.
I buy quality items because I love things that look better with age.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero KitonBrioni Fall '07 Interesting studies of proportion and textural layering in classical tailoring within a much grander narrative addressing themes like the luxe-thrift consumerism paradox, Wildian excess, and peer validation's hegemony in the reinforcement of existential purpose. http://whatareyouwearingtoday.blogspot.com/
Quote: Originally Posted by Eric29 I have a quick question. My Dad, tall, slim, grey hair, 61, likes to wear jeans when he's not wearing a suit while walking around Manhattan, going to the MOMA, etc. I think I care about his appearance a little more than he does, but he appreciates my advice. He wears lighter and darker denim in a straight leg. Generally speaking, and that's all we can do without pictures, do people think that a distressed boot like...
I'm here looking for a recommendation on the following for the upcoming FW season: -Slim Mackintosh style khaki rain coat (hoping to pay under $150) -Slim charcoal grey wool overcoat, heavy enough to stand up to Canadian winters (hoping to pay under $250)
Those fit shoes could grow my dick 4", put on 25 lbs of pure muscle, give me flowing fucking locks of hair like Fabio and I would still stay the fuck away from them because they're fucking so ugly. EDIT: EDIT2: I'm sure that model walked her way to 92 lbs in flip flops.
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya That'd be super weird for somebody to cut a thread with scissors off a shirt you're wearing as you're walking by. Perhaps I was being dramatic, but I'm still not sure why it's a 'feature'. Is it an authenticity thing? Were they made like this years ago? Or is it kinda like cuffing jeans to show off the selvedge?
I got the AA nylon taffeta windbreaker in red. It's awesome for the summer because it's not hot, and will protect you if it starts to drizzle a little. Wear it with my JPs, Ironhearts, and white T. I'd like to think it's James Dean inspired rather than being the exact same jacket.
Can anyone explain to me the love for the chainstitch runoff? I'd be afraid of someone walking by and cutting it off saying "You had a loose thread there, but I got it".
I really dig those back pockets!
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