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Write a few words or sentences describing the goal of your aesthetic. How do you want to be perceived? Now re-examine your wardrobe and decide if it fits this 'mission statement'. Use this guideline when making new purchases. This will help your wardrobe stay calibrated against your goals.
In before 10000 replies about how this study was flawed.
Since my Iron Heart 634s are wearing out I need a denim recommendation. I'd like: -Dark indigo blue wash -'regular' fit like APC NS (but a higher rise would be a plus) -Slight taper below the knee -Non raw. Don't want indigo bleed. -Don't care about selvedge. Any suggestions?
Maybe this breaks the first and second rule of fight club... but I wonder if it would be possible to establish some standard metrics for thrifting. eg: -hot streak (store visits per single item with over $100 profit at market) -grind value (store visits per item with any flippable value) -sunk cost per visit (gas, time, etc) over net sales -some way to calculate which stores or neighborhoods are most likely to yeild ... At this point I only really buy stuff I need for...
I have navy Canali suit pants roughly size 34. Single pleat, cuffed, very nice. Available at cost or for trade. PM me.
I didn't know HR ever carried Kiton.
Rich Chocolate Brown Suede Recently resoled This last can accommodate US size 10 or slightly larger. I would accept an even trade for the right pair of hefty long wing bluchers (Florsheim, etc) in size 10.5. Includes shipping to NA. Payment via Paypal. All sales final. Trees not included. Hi res album: http://imgur.com/a/6uTQv
40R / 50 EUR Brioni Sport Coat Beautiful grey and white houndstooth with a yellow and pink overcheck - perfect for spring and summer! Shoulders (seams): 18.75" Back of Coat (from bottom of collar): 28.5" Sleeve: 23.25" Pit to Pit: 21.5" Waist: 20.5" Double vented Made in Italy, fully canvassed, hand sewn button holes, etc. No need to elaborate on the quality standards of a Brioni garment. 65% wool 35% silk There is some minor fraying at the neck, which is not visible...
Given the time of day you're getting married (most of the even will be after dinner), I would suggest that you get fitted a Samuelsohn MTM tux in the style of your choosing and do it properly with a bowtie (a-la blacktieguide.com). Tell your fiancee that your attire is something that is very important to you and it would mean a lot to you if she would back you up on this decision. If after this she still will not be flexible enough to let you choose your own attire then...
I'm not an american, but I'm pretty sure that the US postal system is heavily subsidized. Other countries cannot ship as cheaply as americans have become accustomed. I often receive packages from the US where the postage is marked as being $5-$8 and the return postage with Canada Post to the same destination in the US is often $25-30.
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