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First post on this thread - I'm thinking about these unlined peccary gloves. Can anyone from a cold climate tell me how the unlined gloves perform compared to regular cashmere lined leather gloves? Are they like 80% as warm or like 30% as warm? http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/accessories/gloves/brown-real-peccary-unlined-gloves.html
As mentioned above, expect about $20. I usually get a bill in the mail from Fedex a week or two later.
Do you like the collar/cuffs to be crisp and smooth (as if pressed with starch) or more casual/relaxed looking? I personally prefer the starched look so I do all my NOBD2 collars with fused medium interlining as I don't like the fabric to 'bubble' away from the interlining (on my dress shirts). On my casual shirts I do a medium fused neckband with a soft unfused collar.
For summer trousers I'd say stone.
@archibaldleach Fabric looks nice. Probably need to let the seat out a bit.
I would probably do a gentle cold machine wash with Woolite dark... otherwise you're going to leave blue dye all over the place.
Most of my orders are in the $600 to $1k range which may make a difference. I figure bunching my orders together will save me shipping costs even if I do get a follow-up bill from Fedex.
Definitely agree with you (I've been there too) but I understand Luxire was working on a shipping agreement for Canada some time ago where there would be no after-delivery bills for the customer. Right now we're paying $25 for shipping (I think) plus ~$20 on arrival. If Luxire could arrange something with Fedex where I would be charged ~$30 at checkout without any further charges I would be happy.
On the topic of wishlists for Luxire: More competitive pricing for shirt monograms. My previous iShirtmaker was charging $5 for a monogram which I found acceptable. Haven't requested a monogram from Luxire as I feel $20 is too much for me. More control over trouser lining fabrics. It seems Luxire uses a selection of fabrics they happen to have in stock. Since I'm neurotic about consistency I would love to be able to choose (for example) a basic baby blue oxford shirting...
Dugdale also... will edit my post for clarity.
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