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I would think that the depth of the pleats would be a factor.
I have popovers made in the same fit as my dress shirts. They are a bit tricky to get on but after that they're very comfortable to wear. I shorten the length by 1" without otherwise changing the torso. I also add a 1" split hem at the hips to help the shirt move more cleanly when untucked.
I'd be interested in good value flannels, tweeds, moleskin and winter weight wool in the sub-$200 range (brand names aren't important to me if the quality is good). The Molloy and Holland and Sherry stuff is gorgeous but the $350 price point is difficult.
@Luxire - any new tweed / winter fabrics in the pipe in anticipation for autumn?
They probably can, but FedEx will serve you with a $20 remittance fee for the privilege.
This seems certainly interesting however I had been thinking of a more definitively "summer" fabric (like a 12 oz slate or tan colored linen-cotton). Might be a more popular fabric than a heavy black linen jeans.
To anyone with Linen pants - do you think any of the linens would translate well into a pair of linen "jeans"? I guess my main concern is their ability to hold shape without looking stretched out as the linen is lighter weight and might be prone to stretching, knee-bags or dumpy fit when worn like a slim cut pair of jeans.
Far from the worst thing I've seen in the Pitti photos...
The swedes are really rockin it. Great job! Also the groomed beards are a refreshing change from the unkempt lumberjack look I see around my town. Thanks EFV!
Thanks - I might just ask Luxire to hot wash the raw denim before cutting to minimize the risk.
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