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Although, this may happen...
Other fit discrepancies aside for a moment, I'm not sure how a shoulder expression like that is allowed to leave the workshop... when one sleevehead is (say) 1cm tall and one is 3cm tall there is a problem. @Monkeyface, I would try to soak the jacket in water for 15 minutes and then gently squish the water out between two towels. Then put it on and wear it until it is dry (like with raw denim). Re shape it as it dries. I did something similar with my most recent Luxire...
First post on this thread - I'm thinking about these unlined peccary gloves. Can anyone from a cold climate tell me how the unlined gloves perform compared to regular cashmere lined leather gloves? Are they like 80% as warm or like 30% as warm? http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/accessories/gloves/brown-real-peccary-unlined-gloves.html
As mentioned above, expect about $20. I usually get a bill in the mail from Fedex a week or two later.
Do you like the collar/cuffs to be crisp and smooth (as if pressed with starch) or more casual/relaxed looking? I personally prefer the starched look so I do all my NOBD2 collars with fused medium interlining as I don't like the fabric to 'bubble' away from the interlining (on my dress shirts). On my casual shirts I do a medium fused neckband with a soft unfused collar.
For summer trousers I'd say stone.
@archibaldleach Fabric looks nice. Probably need to let the seat out a bit.
I would probably do a gentle cold machine wash with Woolite dark... otherwise you're going to leave blue dye all over the place.
Most of my orders are in the $600 to $1k range which may make a difference. I figure bunching my orders together will save me shipping costs even if I do get a follow-up bill from Fedex.
Definitely agree with you (I've been there too) but I understand Luxire was working on a shipping agreement for Canada some time ago where there would be no after-delivery bills for the customer. Right now we're paying $25 for shipping (I think) plus ~$20 on arrival. If Luxire could arrange something with Fedex where I would be charged ~$30 at checkout without any further charges I would be happy.
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