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Have the buttons gotten thinner or was that by request?
If it's urgent, send a PM to the Luxire account here... I've used that 'escalation point' before in the past with success.
The rise looks great on those. Are you willing to share the measurements of the top block?
Can you imagine all of the iGents lining up in front of H&M to get a Rubinacci branded pocket square? lol
Luxire, if you had to guess, how long would we have to wait before this shipping situation to be resolved for Canadians? Just trying to plan my next order and need some advice on whether I should wait or go ahead anyway.
Canadian consumers have been on the other end of this shipping scam for a long time Looking forward to when you have a new agreement worked out soon because there is a lot of risk as a Canadian when ordering... you never know how big of a bill you might get when the package arrives.
Also curious about this as I prepare my next order. My last one was $25 with no followup charges from the carrier.
@luxire If I have ordered trousers in the past and I order a new pair of trousers with all measurements specified will a new pattern automatically be created from scratch or will an old pattern be modified even if I do not reference it in the order?
I thought I read that Luxire makes womenswear for another brand. I've been trying to convince my wife to try Luxire for a while now, but I think she would be convinced if she saw some of Luxire's previous work for female customers. She also questions whether Luxire has a good selection of 'stretch' fabrics that are so common in women's clothing.
Scoring fits is as ridiculous as scoring wine. 20 thumb fit / 90 point RP scored wine being the threshold for 'good'. (This coming from someone who scores wines out of 100 points several times a week, so I guess I surrender willingly to the silliness of the system.) Anyway, now that that's out of the way, please continue because this is a great thread.
New Posts  All Forums: