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Just bought the Warehouse loopwheeled sweatshirt. Here's a promo code for free shipping: RMA43L I'll report back on the fit.
I think I have to pull the trigger on this: http://images.jcrew.com/erez4/erez?s...if&tmp=prdDtIm
mystillwater, great communication throughout, would shop again A+++ Thanks!
I don't mind this kind of spam.
Werd. It's like wearing a quilt.
Still looking...
Quote: Originally Posted by sq4you jesus christ. was it the sewing machine couldn't handle it or your needle? The needle was fine. I went to Walmart and got a denim needle just for this. The machine punched through the denim on the downstroke and then bogged down when trying to thread back through. Needs more power. Walmart also carries cotton-wrapped poly extra high strength thread which is just the right color. I have a couple days off...
I tried this on my IH 634s last night. My antique sewing machine couldn't handle the inseam 6 x 21oz thickness. Also the stitching on the backside looked like ass. I'm going to seam rip it and do it all by hand.
Quote: Originally Posted by Reggs Brando Engineers http://www.zappos.com/frye-brando-en...obacco-leather +1 I love my Brando Engineers
Kiya, will you be restocking the Buzz Rickson heather gray sweatshirt?
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