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If anyone is looking for a good tailor in Ottawa, try Mario Master Tailor. Any recommendations for a good cobbler that will do Goodyear Welts?
QFT - and also at $60 it's less likely that some hobo is walking around in Oxxford, or that it ends up as someone's Halloween costume.
Juliet, maybe you should post pictures of examples of your work and let it speak for itself, rather than trying to falsify the OP's story.
This thread has jumped the shark.
The neck beard has to go.
As discussed earlier in this thread, the Polo line has some very average stuff as well as some very high quality, nicely designed offerings. Hence the split.
Found my first Oxxford today. A beautiful 42R charcoal pinstripe suit. Took it home and found out the pants had gone through the laundry and have been shrunk down from a 36 to a wonky 32. Heartbreaking. I'll post pictures later.
(NSFW lyrics)
Brushing your suits should help reduce the shine.
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