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Carkner already served most of a game... 2,5,10 and a game actually.
Carkner suspended 1 game.
Yea Shanny is all over the place. No consistency anywhere in the league (wearing stripes or sitting in the front office). No one knows what the rules are anymore.
3 games for Hagland. Sounds about right to me considering there's no suspension history for the player in question. I would have guessed two games, but it's clear that Shanaban has no compass anymore.
Yea I agree that things have gone crazy these playoffs. I'm a Sens fan but I like to think I can stay objective too. I really think that the problem is the inconsistencies in the reffing. If players on both teams were confident that the cheap stuff would be called then they wouldn't feel the need to do all this vigilante stuff. Also, Carkner plays a regular shift when he's in the lineup... he's not JUST a goon. He just happens to be slotted 7/8 on the depth chart and...
Reffing has been terrible in both directions. Rangers shot blocking has been the difference IMO. Hagelin will be gone for 2 games.
Beauty so far...
Nucks are in trouble... Hope to see a better effort from the Sens tonight!
I don't think that either team played particularly well. Tort's timeout was perfectly timed though and pretty much won them the game.There were exciting moments on both sides, and sloppy moments on both sides. We haven't seen the best from the sens or the rangers.
The TSN comments have about the same level of intelligence as YouTube comments. Not worth it.
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