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I think you should probably continue this discussion in private. At the end of the day we're talking about shirts. I'm sure you have another shirt you can wear in the meantime.
Yea, I think if there is some particular reason why the orders have to be filled out of queue it would be appropriate to email the client and explain. I sent an email to ask about my order status and received an explanation for the delay, but it would be best if Luxire could be more proactive about informing clients. Otherwise, I would think that orders should be generally filled in the order they come in.
I think those front pleats are creating an illusion of very wide hips. I would try flat fronts and reduce the hip front measurement. You may be also better served by letting the trousers sit a little lower on your hips and reducing the rise. This may help de-ephasise your hip/crotch area and look a bit cleaner.
Do you also get impatient waiting for your fries at McD's? You should probably read through the Ambrosi pents thread to see what 'real' bespoke can be like.
Gulp. That's distressing. I have a pending $1k order that was placed around that time.
I say "same collar as on order # xxxxx"
Here's my ride: Album: https://imgur.com/a/iVGYn
I recently ordered a minimally structured Dugdale wool sport coat and it was $650. I think prices are lower for fully unstructured cotton. Best to send them an email describing what you want and they will quote you a price.
Couple of shirts, a pair of cotton trousers and a wool unstructured blazer - Dugdale navy worsted with patch pockets. I'll post pics when it arrives.
I recently placed a $1k order to make "best use of" the $25 shipping fee. I think I'm sick in the head.
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