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I'm really enjoying the 'Oh snap!' moments at the end of each episode... didn't read the books so I'm pleasantly surprised.
Crazy how many goals there's been in the first two minutes of the 1st period in the BOS TB series.
I'm so happy that Heatley has gone downhill after going to SJ. Good riddance.
I guess he'll get another chance to embarrass himself next game.
Quote: Originally Posted by bawlin If SJ had any clue, they would have benched Eager after his tripping penalty. Regardless, I have a feeling the NHL will hand him a 2 game suspension. He was simply out of line the whole game - the hit on Sedin, trash talking Lu after the goal, shifting the camera with his stick, etc. He made a mockery of the game and they need to discipline him somehow, and his hit on Sedin is a perfect way to do it. Werd. No...
Quote: Originally Posted by Carlisle Blues In many ways that is the problem when one partner works outside the home and one stays home. The working outside the home partner can calls in sick, gets vacation and has time away from their job. The one who stays at home does not have such luxuries. Non sequitur. If the OP stays at home for a day he can see exactly how her time is being spent and determine if she really doesn't have time to get...
OP - call in sick, stay home and observe what she does all day.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lord-Barrington A player will never try to "take" a boarding hit in order to draw a penalty. Those are incredibly dangerous hits and account for a disproportionate amount of injuries around the league. Pretty common to see a player turn their back to an oncoming check. Some even appear to be 'diving' into the boards to sell a hit from behind.
Yea I'm not trying to make too much of it, but when players are intentionally putting themselves in vulnerable positions in order to get another player ejected or suspended pretty much deserve to get pasted. This sort of thing is trending. I know the Lucic hit wasn't like that, but that was boarding at worst, not an ejection.
I hate to be a 'blame the victim' guy but srsly we're taught from peewee that we need to protect ourselves when a hit is coming. These guys have to keep their head up! Maybe they don't teach that shit in Czechoslovakia.
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