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I have that fabric in a slightly lighter shade. Up close you can see the diagonal lines that form the weave. From normal viewing distance it looks about the same. I think they make a wool twill and then mechanically brush it to loosen fibers and create the flannely texture. It's still fuzzy but not as lofty or 'felty' like a melange flannel. Supposedly a worsted flannel is more durable, which has also been my experience. Hope this helps.
@Luxire, are you able to source additional colours of patchwork bleeding madras for upcoming summer orders? Similar to this, in other colors:
@Luxire, your new website really needs to have a way to determine which fabrics are available immediately onsite and which ones may incur multi-week/month delays waiting for mills to ship fabrics to you.
In this case I launder them at home and hang to dry, then iron by hand.
I have a couple pairs of casual cotton trousers with Luxire horn buttons... on one pair in particular the horn buttons become quite soft when laundered and dry and crack around the edges when they are hung to dry. Not really visible to others, but makes it difficult to pass through the button holes as they are 'rough'. Is this just a bad batch of horn buttons or is there any way I can protect/treat the buttons to prevent drying out and cracking? I should note that this...
Yea I have to say I'm holding off on new orders right now as they have become 20% more expensive due to our exchange rate.
...closing in on 2 months.
I like this one, but it's slightly more copper color than is shown in the photo.
Should be in your email if you search.Anyone had delays getting a response from Luxire support? I'm going on 4 days... #firstworldproblems
Just received a package in the mail from Luxire! I gave them a very challenging assignment and it became a long and difficult journey... I won't get into all the details here, but April 2014 I placed an order for an unstructured patch pocket navy blazer. There were some miscommunications along the way but Ashish and I worked out an agreement that would allow them to regain my confidence and follow through with my intent to order more jackets in the future. Let me tell you...
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