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Yea I have to say I'm holding off on new orders right now as they have become 20% more expensive due to our exchange rate.
...closing in on 2 months.
I like this one, but it's slightly more copper color than is shown in the photo.http://custom.luxire.com/products/british-khaki-twill-chino-9oz
Should be in your email if you search.Anyone had delays getting a response from Luxire support? I'm going on 4 days... #firstworldproblems
Just received a package in the mail from Luxire! I gave them a very challenging assignment and it became a long and difficult journey... I won't get into all the details here, but April 2014 I placed an order for an unstructured patch pocket navy blazer. There were some miscommunications along the way but Ashish and I worked out an agreement that would allow them to regain my confidence and follow through with my intent to order more jackets in the future. Let me tell you...
Please let us know how that fabric holds its shape and whether it shrinks much in the wash. I think it would be great for a summer popover.
I would wear, launder and iron them a few times before you make any decisions.... they will relax quite a bit and I think you'll find the fit is pretty good (possibly a bit of extra material in the seat).
Would love to see the requester of those jeans post a fit.
I have a shirt in that fabric ordered... hopefully will receive it in the next few weeks and will post photos.
I think this is on topic: Very good looking men cannot pull off complex looks as easily (lots of patterns, bright colors, 'uncommon' articles of clothing) and are better off wearing well fitting, simple, co-ordinated outfits. Otherwise they are perceived as too high social value and try-hard or unrelatable to most people. (Think like this: a guy with 9/10 looks and 9/10 style is too far off the social value charts to be relatable) Less good looking men can pull off more...
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