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Shirt is pretty good. A lot of the 'problems' would be cleared up with a better quality fabric (looks like lustrous fine white?). Add a touch (1" or less) to the chest, add 1/2" to your right shoulder. Anything else is fine tuning.
I would count on 6 weeks or so.
I think they meant 'nice customer support' not 'nice fabrics'. Either way I'm going on 5 days without a reply to my email inquiry...
Not a similar size, so I can't help you with the measurements, but here: Fused Neckband, soft lining, medium fusing Might want to clarify as "medium fused neckband with soft unfused collar interlining". You'll like that combo BTW.
Looking ahead to spring and summer, can anyone who has ordered linen trousers comment on how badly they wrinkle, how do they drape and hold their shape, etc.
I loathe Paypal. I can only hope that Bitcoin grows in popularity. Actually I think Shopify supports BTC payment so in theory Luxire could add Bitcoin support, but there is probably no demand for it right now.
Both ways are charging the credit card, the difference is that the credit card company is doing the currency conversion instead of Paypal doing it before charging.
When you check out it should give you additional payment options. I can't seem to find it right now in the general Paypal setup, but it should be there when you check out. It remembered my preference for all future transactions on that card.
A tip for those outside the US using Paypal for items priced in USD: If you set Paypal to charge your credit card in USD instead of using the Paypal conversion rate you usually get a much better rate from Visa/MC than you get from Paypal.
Ideally we could specify our preference when we are logged into our account.
New Posts  All Forums: