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It's nice that you give them the benefit of the doubt, but I think most of the time it's just a forced sprezz failure. Someone saw it on Tumblr and thought they would give it a go.
I think you touched on something important. "Try hard" vs "Leissaz faire". A formal dimple in my mind is one that the wearer has taken great care to get right. An informal dimple just happens to occur when the tie is tied. Sort of like all of the #menswear images where the back tie blade is intentionally tied longer than the front and it looks affected. Edit: To clarify, when one "tries hard" to get a formal outfit correct in every detail it is cohesive. When one...
To me, the lack of a tie dimple implies a certain casualness - I expect a full dimple on a sharp business suit but the lack thereof seems to give the tie a more relaxed elegance. This of course implies that the wearer has made a conscious decision about whether or not to dimple the tie. Outside of iGent circles this is probably rarely the case.
Big fan of MF's fit but there is a slight moose knuckle factor as well. Probably just the stance.
I agree, but it is a MTM program, not bespoke. They use a set pattern.
I have asked for fused cuffs on all my Luxire dress shirts since I find the stiffer cuff gives a sharper look when worn with a jacket. I find unfused interlining decouples from the fabric when the cuffs bend and it tends to create a weird fabric bubble. I've never had a problem with fusing bubbling from laundering and ironing a shirt.
Agree, it's probably best to just move on at this point. Too bad.
Yes, I've also considered this. Luxire does have some twill flannels (Dugdale, etc) which I've understood will last a bit longer... they just don't seem to have the visual depth that flannel melange has. I guess durability can really depend on the fabric and there probably isn't any reason to think a Minnis flannel melange will be significantly more durable.
The abrasion is a combination of having larger thighs from cycling and that my hips are configured so that I naturally walk with my legs fairly close together. I probably also overdid it on the flannels... I wore them 1-2 times per week from Nov-April for two years. I'm not disappointed with how long they've lasted, but rather just wondering if it's worth the investment for a brand name fabric.
Question about flannel melange fabrics - is there any reason I might expect a brand name (like Minnis) flannel fabric to be any more durable than a no-name fabric of similar weight or will the main difference be that of comfort and drape? These are two of the fabrics I am considering (and I do realize that they aren't the same weight). My HY flannels blew out in the crotch after 2 years of seasonal wear and I'd like to invest in a nicer fabric unless they will expire...
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