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The color definitely looks different but I think the lighter version also looks good. If a mixup did occur, perhaps you can work something out with Luxire and keep both pairs.
How did you order the fabric? By email or by clicking the fabric on Luxire's site? The Dugdale fabrics are numbered so you should have received exactly what you asked for.http://www.dugdalebros.com/cloth-ranges/white-rose-caldonaire-bunch-141/4207/I have been surprised by fabric color before and I've always just assumed that if I do not order swatches, then it's on me if I get an unexpected result. Different monitors can alter how things look, but still - your pants seem...
Dress shirts, with NOBD2 collar.
I know, right? I had ordered the grey university stripes last time around and loved it. I figure the maroon is from the same batch, so I ordered it and every other university stripe fabric available in my most recent order... my shirt wardrobe is going to be 85% university stripes.
I guess that was a poorly worded comment on the drape and wrinkling of the shirt in the photo (which was obviously not ironed before the photo).
Also prepare yourself for an $18 bill from Fedex for brokerage BS.
Shirt is pretty good. A lot of the 'problems' would be cleared up with a better quality fabric (looks like lustrous fine white?). Add a touch (1" or less) to the chest, add 1/2" to your right shoulder. Anything else is fine tuning.
I would count on 6 weeks or so.
I think they meant 'nice customer support' not 'nice fabrics'. Either way I'm going on 5 days without a reply to my email inquiry...
Not a similar size, so I can't help you with the measurements, but here: Fused Neckband, soft lining, medium fusing Might want to clarify as "medium fused neckband with soft unfused collar interlining". You'll like that combo BTW.
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