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Sartoria Partenopea Napoli SC Beautiful Mother of Pearl Buttons 90% Wool, 10% Cashmere Stunning grey weave with two-tone blue overcheck Sleeves have not had the button holes cut, so you can adjust to your length and have your tailor add functional buttonholes Hand work everywhere! Fully Canvassed Double Vented Marked EUR54 Measurements taken while laying flat: Shoulders (seams): 21" Back of Coat (from bottom of collar): 32 1/2" Sleeve: 26", 2" to let...
Yep, just confirmed it. I would describe this jacket as having a relaxed cut.
I am getting married later this summer and I have asked the gentlemen in the wedding party to wear charcoal suits. I will provide a navy-based tie for them to wear. I'd like to purchase 5 SF-approved brand ties as my gift to them.Examples of the look I'm going for: [[SPOILER]] I'm not interested in grenadine, silk knit, wool blends, etc. Looking to spend roughly $40 per tie.
If you want bespoke, I've handled some of Raymond's pieces and they are nice. I personally patronize Mario Master Tailor (for alterations, not bespoke). His work is not the cheapest in town but the results speak for themselves. ER Fisher is fine, but I've only been blown away by one piece I've handled from their shop.
Quickie Measurement:(soft natural shoulder)P2P - 23.5"Shoulder - 20.5"BoC - 32.5"
The term 'grail' is thrown around a lot here... Why couldn't it be a EU50
I really like this look (especially the darker coloured khakis), however I think a longer jacket skirt would create a more balanced aesthetic for your body type.
To play devil's advocate on behalf of some of the new thrifters, if one has never had the opportunity to handle a good quality piece it can be difficult to imagine what one should be looking for.
Think about what you (will) wear most often and upgrade those pieces first.
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