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Both ways are charging the credit card, the difference is that the credit card company is doing the currency conversion instead of Paypal doing it before charging.
When you check out it should give you additional payment options. I can't seem to find it right now in the general Paypal setup, but it should be there when you check out. It remembered my preference for all future transactions on that card.
A tip for those outside the US using Paypal for items priced in USD: If you set Paypal to charge your credit card in USD instead of using the Paypal conversion rate you usually get a much better rate from Visa/MC than you get from Paypal.
Ideally we could specify our preference when we are logged into our account.
Different collars will be better on different people so it might make sense to order one of each and see what suits your face.
NOBD (the SF forum member) requested this collar style from Luxire early on and it kind of caught on. There is the NOBD I and NOBD II collars. See the collar spreadsheet linked in Luxire's signature for more collar options. PS - all of my dress shirts are ordered with the NOBD II collar.
If this is true it would be appreciated if @Luxire could announce any changes to their default configuration so that we can modify our orders accordingly.
I suspect if you can find the swatch on the Dugdale etc websites, Luxire will be able to order it.
Email Luxire with the construction details and which fabric you want and they will quote a price.
Looking forward to seeing how it turns out. I will probably order a this fabric in a short-sleeved popover in the spring (hopefully this fabric doesn't sell out before then). Too many cold-weather items to order in the meantime.
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