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Is this angle something that can be specified on order?
The dark brown are a really versatile colour... not as dark as the photos. I'll try to post some pics when I have a chance. Fit/sizing is pretty much the same as AE '0' Last. I have the AE Evanston's which are on the 0 last and they fit almost exactly the same. I wear a 10.5D in both.
Just got my dark brown benchgrade captoes. No duty to Canada KW always takes care of the Canadians.
I can see your doodle.
Yes, the lambswool. Perhaps the length contributes to the problem as they ride up on my hips and leave extra material bunching around the midsection. I also have a pretty significant shoulder to waist ratio so that doesn't help.
Has anyone tried slimming the HY sweaters? I find them quite bulky compared to J.Crew sweaters, but I love the quality of the knit with the HY sweaters.
Hi, I'm interested in an unstructured wool blazer that fits roughly size 40 (40L would be a bonus). Here are the specs I'm looking for: -Solid navy -Single breasted, 2 button or 3r2 -Wool, cashmere, silk, etc. (I'm not interested in cotton or other casual fabrics) -Patch pockets -Unstructured, deconstructed, unlined is bonus -LBM, Boglioli, or equivalent preferred Please PM me with your asking price. Thanks!
Has there been any recent examples of jacket buttonholes? I believe the consensus on the early examples were that they needed improvement. I'm considering getting an unstructured wool navy blazer made up and the buttonholes are my only concern.
Write a few words or sentences describing the goal of your aesthetic. How do you want to be perceived? Now re-examine your wardrobe and decide if it fits this 'mission statement'. Use this guideline when making new purchases. This will help your wardrobe stay calibrated against your goals.
Just throwin this out there, but if anyone is interested in trading me my 32 USA camel moleskins for something comparable in a 34 american cut hit me up with a PM.
New Posts  All Forums: