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@TheBeardedGatsb I think it's probably the washable ink used by the tailors... I've had the same spots on mine and they come right out.
@GuP - looks pretty good! I would add a bit of length to the sleeve and possibly move the shoulder seams in a little bit. Maybe 1cm on your left shoulder and 2cm on your right shoulder (but that's more a matter of personal taste). @LeBeef - I would wait and see how your next shirt comes out. My recent order of 6 or so shirts had some variation in the fit as well... just goes to show that it doesn't pay off to have razor thin margins on shirt sizing. Leave a bit of room...
Only if it didn't come in a box set with the tie.
This thread is becoming the poor taste thread.... (not the clothes).
Newest additions to the family: NOBD2: 1x Light Pink University Stripes Oxford 1x Light Blue University Stripes Oxford 1x Dark Blue HairLine Stripes 1x Maroon University Stripes Oxford LS Popovers: 1x Navy Shepherd Check On Grey Flannel 1x Wine Yellow Plaid 1x Green Blue Plaid - Medium-Heavy Trousers: 1x Beige Brown Corduroy (still waiting on bottle green Dugdale cords... fabric was backordered)
I have no affiliation other than being a satisfied customer, but you should have Luxire replicate your favourite pair of trousers, or modify and customize to your heart's desire.
It's slightly curved just like a standard dress shirt. Here are the instructions I use: -Same pattern as long sleeve dress shirt from order #xxxx except shorten length by 1" without otherwise modifying the torso fit -Split hem at side seams (1.5" deep) like shown in this photo:
Mine are 1" shorter than my dress shirts and I have added a 1.5" deep split hem (like a polo) at another members suggestion.
I have that fabric in a slightly lighter shade. Up close you can see the diagonal lines that form the weave. From normal viewing distance it looks about the same. I think they make a wool twill and then mechanically brush it to loosen fibers and create the flannely texture. It's still fuzzy but not as lofty or 'felty' like a melange flannel. Supposedly a worsted flannel is more durable, which has also been my experience. Hope this helps.
@Luxire, are you able to source additional colours of patchwork bleeding madras for upcoming summer orders? Similar to this, in other colors:
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