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So since a little bit of extra fabric doesn't change the price, including fabric swatches shouldn't be a big deal to make it seem like a better value for customers. I have already ordered shorts at full price, so I'm not just cheaping out.
I would also ask for the right shoulder to be reduced by 1/2" or so.
@luxire - if I could make a suggestion regarding shorts. They are currently priced the same as full length trousers which makes it poorer value. Can you consider either offering different pricing for shorts or include a free book of fabric swatches with a shorts order?
Also wondering about flannels... I want to try a flannel popover.
I just received a pair of shorts this week. I'll post them when I get a chance, but they turned out excellent. The only mistake was that I asked for no crease to be ironed into them but it had a crease anyway.... oh well. They are this fabric (which is excellent - sort of feels like a summer moleskin): http://luxire.com/products/washed-steel-blue-twill-chino
Beatle, I'm not going to ask for details, but are you satisfied with Luxire's response to these issues?
The lines of the lapel nicely follow the curves of the chest so that it looks "visually straight"
I wonder if hacking pockets would create the illusion of slimmer hips.
Wow that's an amazing opportunity! Here are the questions I would love to have answered - mostly so that I can better micromanage my orders *How is a written request with custom details translated and explained to the tailors? *What technical garment making terminology do they find can be troublesome and may lead to confusion? *How are pattern modifications saved for future use? Do they just pencil in a change on the previous pattern or do they make a new...
We can only guess. But for those who are learning, there is a transition from conscious competence (thinking hard about what you're doing) to unconscious competence (succeeding without thinking about it). We aren't all at the same place on that journey.
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