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Just kopped the mid grey and tan. I hope Canada Post doesn't hit me at the border... never bought two pairs in one shot before.
In before 10000 replies about how this study was flawed.
Not sure if this is the 'correct' method, but I measured from the crotch seam up to the top of the waistband and got 17".
I'll measure for you when I get home.
Which cut? American or Italian?
I don't cuff any of my trousers, regardless of fabric choice.
Since my Iron Heart 634s are wearing out I need a denim recommendation. I'd like: -Dark indigo blue wash -'regular' fit like APC NS (but a higher rise would be a plus) -Slight taper below the knee -Non raw. Don't want indigo bleed. -Don't care about selvedge. Any suggestions?
I just received the camel moleskin pants. Soo cozy. I'm eagerly anticipating a restock in American cut pants for spring!
Can anyone who owns the Italy pants in a 32 or 34 measure the thigh for me (2" below crotch)? That measurement is not on the site. Thanks!
I love the grey serge but they're the exact same color as the flannels I ordered recently.
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