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I recently placed a $1k order to make "best use of" the $25 shipping fee. I think I'm sick in the head.
The problem with most female-oriented style sites is that the culture seems unwilling to post constructive criticism of each other's fits for fear of making them feel bad.
The best thing to do would have been to give Luxire a chance to comment by email before airing your concerns publicly and having the next 8 pages turn into a gong show.
Canada has been included in the $25 flat-rate-duty-incusive shipping, which is very reasonable if you order more than one item at a time
I'm dying to place a fairly large order but I can't take the risk until this is sorted out. A flat fee would solve it for me.
As I prepare to place an order for a sportcoat, trousers, and several shirts I am starting to realize that the flat fee/no duty option is sounding very attractive. I just don't tend to place orders for one shirt at a time. Maybe Luxire can begin to offer this flat fee shipping option for larger orders to Canada as well.
Definitely curious about this too. I've been holding off on buying a pair of OBs and then having them replicated into different colors... if someone else has already tried it perhaps I could copy their order instead.
Luxire, are you able to make custom fit leather winter gloves?
Canadian here reporting a duty charge. I ordered a shirt and a pair of pants and received them a couple of weeks ago. Today I received a letter from FedEx with charges as follows: Customs Duty: $3.56 Canada HST: $3.18 Advancement Fee: $10.00 HST on ADV/Ancillary Service Fees: $1.30 TOTAL: $18.04 These shipping companies sure have a lot of nerve to charge $10+tax fee on $7 of duty and taxes, but I suppose as a Canadian I should be used to it by now. Luxire, it would...
I don't know for sure, but I suspect that they save CAD files for each order and print them out as necessary.
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