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I was in the building for both the skills and the ASG. It was a phenomenal once in a lifetime experience and I'm glad I could go with my dad. Just like being a kid again.
This morning: Polo RL Made in USA Camel sport coat, 42R Zegna MTM navy blazer (with gold Zegna buttons) EUR52 Zegna Wool/Cashmere brown and blue check sport coat EUR52 Passed on: About 3-4 Samuelsohn's (was in a rush), not my size Oxxford 40R POW check jacket - looked very dated even for $10
Because I think it looks bad. I find the lack of symmetry distracting.
Maybe technically nothing wrong, but I would never buy a jacket that looked like that.
I suspect it's difficult to do well when the stripes are wider apart.
I bet the host had to dress down the event so that the slobs would show up. Too bad... I'd love to go to a black tie masquerade ball. [[SPOILER]]
See the post below for specifics. Basically it was made by a higher end local MTM shop that does good work, and the fit is out of this world. [[SPOILER]]
I go: 1. Suits / sport coats 2. Shoes 3. Ties 4. Pants 5. Outerwear 6. Sweaters 7. Luggage / bags 8. Make a walk through of the electronics, furniture, etc I usually skip: -Tshirts -Dress shirts (I do MTM shirts - nothing ever fits right OTR so I just skip) -Jeans (all crap where I live) Basically my theory is that I would hate for 'the good stuff' to disappear off the suit or shoes rack while I'm sifting through sweaters so I go for the most desirable finds first.
I think my radar might be way off on the desirability of Harris Tweeds. Since I'm in a colder climate (Canada) I could literally bag 6-8 HT jackets per thrift. I always leave them thinking that they are just as ubiquitous everywhere else. Maybe I should start picking more of them up and making them available. My recent one was only purchased because it was way up there on the fit/quality/fabric scale.
The pattern matching on that suit leaves a little to be desired...
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