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Yes, I've also considered this. Luxire does have some twill flannels (Dugdale, etc) which I've understood will last a bit longer... they just don't seem to have the visual depth that flannel melange has. I guess durability can really depend on the fabric and there probably isn't any reason to think a Minnis flannel melange will be significantly more durable.
The abrasion is a combination of having larger thighs from cycling and that my hips are configured so that I naturally walk with my legs fairly close together. I probably also overdid it on the flannels... I wore them 1-2 times per week from Nov-April for two years. I'm not disappointed with how long they've lasted, but rather just wondering if it's worth the investment for a brand name fabric.
Question about flannel melange fabrics - is there any reason I might expect a brand name (like Minnis) flannel fabric to be any more durable than a no-name fabric of similar weight or will the main difference be that of comfort and drape? These are two of the fabrics I am considering (and I do realize that they aren't the same weight). My HY flannels blew out in the crotch after 2 years of seasonal wear and I'd like to invest in a nicer fabric unless they will expire...
Quite an unfortunate series of events and very unlike the track record that Luxire has established on this thread. I guess what I was asking is whether you sent back the jeans and then explained why or whether the return was discussed and agreed upon before you sent them in. I'm not trying to say it was your fault, but rather in the future if anyone has issues I would recommend agreeing upon a solution with Luxire before returning the item. This may avoid any...
Nothing that extreme. Just slightly reduced response times on status updates which Luxire has addressed just upthread. And one sort of non-answer about an inaccurate measurement (but the item was still wearable so I didn't push it). Had you agreed upon a solution before sending the jeans back?
This seems to match my experience with one of my two pairs of trousers. It's also in a lighter cotton fabric which may aggravate the problem. Perhaps @Luxire could look into the issue on their end.
Perhaps he can give a technical explanation of what was incorrect so that we can request the change for our next order.
Normal with flat fronts.... pleats would relieve some of the tension across the lap.
Just don't start cheering for the blue team... please.
Did you have to send something in to be copied or did they have to wait for fabric or something?
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