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Every player is taught from Peewee on that if you cut into the middle with your head down you're gonna get rocked. Boyle has to take some responsibility for his own safety on a risky play. I haven't really heard from too many people outside of NY that think that the Neil hit was anything but a hockey play.
Sorry Rob, not much to cheer about for Rangers fans tonight. Anderson was playing out of his mind.
98% of this suspension is player history. (Imagine if this same hit were Hossa on Torres)
I have a feeling that the Staal hit on Spezza with his head down may have woken Spezza up. He's going to turn it on for the rest of the series. As mentioned, Hank plays really deep in his net, which makes sense if the Rangers are blocking 2/3 of the shots. Much better style if there is a lot of scrambles in front of the net. He paid for it in OT when that one squeaked past... gotta give credit where credit is due. Turris let a laser beam go. He's turning into a special...
Thanks, this is helpful.
So that they fit better and so I can pick fabrics. Most decent pants are $250-$400 off the peg (if you can find exactly what you're looking for) and then they would need to take them to ta tailor and make additional minor changes. Why not skip a step? My local tailor's prices begin at $285 for pants in basic fabrics.
Any idea if they offer MTM trousers and what the approx cost would be?
The NHL is a joke.EDIT: Turns out this is false.
The funny thing is that many fans of Canadian teams feel that the NHL gives preferential treatment to American teams (to grow the game, larger network audiences, etc).
Carkner already served most of a game... 2,5,10 and a game actually.
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