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From left to right: Sky Blue Oxford short sleeve popover. Trying out the stiff neckband and unlined collar as suggested by Luxire. Also the collar has a keeper button at the back. Pocket has a passthrough for a pen or sunglasses. Warzone White Oxford Grandi & Rubinelli Pale Indigo Oxford Navy University Stripes Oxford Fit pics later... I'm at work.
Everything looks awesome. I have some very similar items on the way (some shirts, a popover, single pleat trousers, and a Dugdale patch pocket jacket almost identical to the one posted above) and I'm really encouraged by how everyone else's stuff is coming out.I noticed that the top of the zipper seems to be visible... this is also the case on one of my two pairs of Luxire trousers... do you think this is because as you said the waist might be a bit snug or something else?...
I'm heading out for the weekend straight from work tonight but I'll try to post pics when I'm back. My donegal's aren't from Luxire, just some well made trousers that I thrifted several years ago and use as beater pants. I will probably have them replaced by Luxire in the next few months.
Probably not, but Donegal tweed would be what you want. It's pretty much bulletproof. I have a pair made of brown donegal trousers and it can be worn hard without having to be cleaned. I would feel much more comfortable machine washing donegal than lighter wools. Definitely not summer weight though... not even in Canada. http://luxire.com/products/molloy-plain-donegal-tweed-pants-fawn-070147
Why do you want wool for summer casual pants? Wool is very susceptible to losing shape when wet which is exactly why it is a great fabric for tailored garments (fullness can be pressed into the fabric to create shape and it can also be shrunk). This can create a mess when it comes to machine washing/drying. Cotton is much more 'stable'.
Stunning! Look at those buttonholes!
Feedback: The upper looks pretty good but the running shoe sole ruins the whole look.
I'm sure the backend is a bigger challenge than a pretty frontend. I'm in the IT industry (but not web design) and I'm surprised there isn't more off-the-shelf options for turnkey e-commerce platforms. Maybe it's a pricetag issue.
Thanks - any comment on durability? In specific I was thinking of the range of flannel that Luxire stocks. http://luxire.com/collections/pants/flannel
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