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Look about 12 months back on this thread to see how far those buttonholes have come. I think there is a wabi-sabi kind of style to imperfect handmade buttonholes.
I've got a pair of casual chinos in this fabric and it's pretty nice and sturdy without being too heavy for summer wear. http://luxire.com/products/british-khaki-twill-chino-9oz
I think the belt, shoes and 5-pocket style pants bring fit to a level of casualness that no tie will ever look right. Change the shoes and belt and I think the tie could work. Although to your other point, I have decided that for me (given my age, environment, the city I live in, etc) a tie will never look cohesive without a sportcoat at a minimum. YMMV.
Color palette is great. I don't think the tie adds anything to the fit. It's probably not at the same level of casualness as the rest of the outfit.
Not sure how that got past quality control...
I think it has to do with the angle that Luxire uses to attach the sleeve to the torso. Not sure if this is something that can be requested to be modified.
So since a little bit of extra fabric doesn't change the price, including fabric swatches shouldn't be a big deal to make it seem like a better value for customers. I have already ordered shorts at full price, so I'm not just cheaping out.
I would also ask for the right shoulder to be reduced by 1/2" or so.
@luxire - if I could make a suggestion regarding shorts. They are currently priced the same as full length trousers which makes it poorer value. Can you consider either offering different pricing for shorts or include a free book of fabric swatches with a shorts order?
Also wondering about flannels... I want to try a flannel popover.
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