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Yes I was also surprised, but I think it's a nice summery french blue. I had another jacket made up in a darker version of the same fabric.As I was looking at the fabrics on the Dugdale site I noticed that the same fabric comes in a range of shades, which is not apparent when browsing through the Luxire fabrics. I plugged the number I wanted into the Luxire search bar and found the same cloth in a different...
Sending a jacket to copy is definitely the best approach. Be sure to be clear in the order that it will be copied with modifications as specified.
My recent Luxire jacket (also, featuring Luxire trousers and shirt). Expand the spoiler to see lots of pictures.The jacket is very nicely made and identical to the reference jacket in almost every way. The only noticeable difference is that the reference jacket structure is a little lighter (chest padding and shoulder padding) than the Luxire jacket. The fabric is Dugdale Fine Worsted - Navy Plain 8953. [[SPOILER]]
@Luxire - are we able to specify certain shirting fabrics for the interior of trousers? Would this be an upcharge for a $59.99 in-stock fabric? I've requested certain colors before but it would be nice to specify, for example, the sky blue oxford fabric for interior trouser fabrics.
I would suggest adjusting for sloped shoulders and possibly adding darts in the lower back to adjust for your curved back. Sleeve length looks OK but hard to say without a well fitting jacket on. The shoulder seams look like they are 1/2" too wide also but would need a better picture to be sure.
Yes we used that guide and compiled measurements from a few of her well fitting shirts. Your post inspired her order.I specified "single forward pleats that begin at the bottom seam of the waistband and connect/line up with the leg crease". Otherwise I think they are Luxire standard forward facing pleats.
Here are some images of some of my recent orders. If anyone has questions, feel free to ask about any details. I will post some more pics later this week (including a Luxire sport coat). This is the first iteration of a short sleeve popover. It is pretty slim and takes a little bit of work to put on. It's pretty much the same fit as my dress shirts but shortened by 1" at the hem. Sky Blue Oxford. Here is my first pair of Luxire shorts. Washed Steel Blue Twill...
I got a Luxire shipping notification on Friday, had the package in my hands yesterday, wearing new shirt today. I'm always amazed how a package can go across the globe in 3 days.
Stunning! That will patina beautifully. @Luxire Can you give an approx cost to order this bag now?
My jacket is full canvas which I believe is the standard method for Luxire. I didn't ask for any hand work it just came that way... I assume this will be standard for all of their jackets (hand work where it makes sense, machine work where it makes sense to do so).Yes, I turned one sleeve inside out, nested one shoulder inside the other shoulder to fold the jacket in half vertically then folded again horizontally and put it in a bag inside a box.The new jacket arrived in a...
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