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Ideally yes but I'm not sure exactly what gets recorded with each order. I would love to have more information so that, as you say, I could do a better job of micromanaging my orders. I'm a bit neurotic about consistency.A few times now I have said "same as order XXXX" but have recieved different results (not attributable to fabric differences) so I have been using order numbers only to refer to fit and restating all of my other details with each order.
I find that the fabric itself also has a profound impact on the perceived stiffness. I have unlined shirts in heavier fabrics that maintain their collar shape better than some of my medium fused collars in lighter fabrics. It's always challenging to place a shirt order and get a consistent result, especially when the Luxire site doesn't always provide information about the fabric weight, thickness, stiffness, etc.
Actually I requested for them not to reproduce the hidden placket. It looks good on the Armoury jacket but I'd like the more casual look of the buttons.
$300. I had it in mind specifically for travel to hot humid countries. Requested inside zippered passport-sized pockets as well.
Just placed an order asking Luxire to reproduce the Ascot Chang Armoury Safari shirt jacket (with a few modifications). I'm excited to see the results. http://luxire.com/collections/pants-sorted-by-price/products/linen-olive-green-plain-pants Was going to order a CruzCoat (@CruzAzul 's design, here) but the Armoury jacket is a little closer to the length and collar that I wanted. Should come out being very similar though.
Wow those are nice. Can't justify ordering flannels at this time of year but I hope there is some of that left over (or reordered) for this autumn!
You're going to need better photos... like ones taken outside in daylight.
@TheBeardedGatsb I think it's probably the washable ink used by the tailors... I've had the same spots on mine and they come right out.
@GuP - looks pretty good! I would add a bit of length to the sleeve and possibly move the shoulder seams in a little bit. Maybe 1cm on your left shoulder and 2cm on your right shoulder (but that's more a matter of personal taste). @LeBeef - I would wait and see how your next shirt comes out. My recent order of 6 or so shirts had some variation in the fit as well... just goes to show that it doesn't pay off to have razor thin margins on shirt sizing. Leave a bit of room...
Only if it didn't come in a box set with the tie.
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