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Those of you who are not already subscribed to the Unfunded Liabilities thread may find the discussion of fabrics over there very interesting.
Look at the Ecobee. I compared both thermostats and decided to go with the Ecobee when I bought my house a year ago... very happy so far.
Is there any significance to the specific customizations that you have requested?
I know the feel
I'm not a tailor, but I would do the following: 1. Increase armhole size 2. Increase chest size slightly I suggest one measurement change per order except if you're making a very minor change.
You should probably post a picture. Also, consider whether that is a movement that you are often likely to make while wearing a dress shirt (e.g. I infrequently shoot hoops in a collared shirt so I don't have my shirts cut with that function in mind).
Any plans to make replacement flat waxed laces available for purchase? I've worn through mine and the locally available laces just aren't the same.
Ideally yes but I'm not sure exactly what gets recorded with each order. I would love to have more information so that, as you say, I could do a better job of micromanaging my orders. I'm a bit neurotic about consistency.A few times now I have said "same as order XXXX" but have recieved different results (not attributable to fabric differences) so I have been using order numbers only to refer to fit and restating all of my other details with each order.
I find that the fabric itself also has a profound impact on the perceived stiffness. I have unlined shirts in heavier fabrics that maintain their collar shape better than some of my medium fused collars in lighter fabrics. It's always challenging to place a shirt order and get a consistent result, especially when the Luxire site doesn't always provide information about the fabric weight, thickness, stiffness, etc.
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