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Nucks are in trouble... Hope to see a better effort from the Sens tonight!
I don't think that either team played particularly well. Tort's timeout was perfectly timed though and pretty much won them the game.There were exciting moments on both sides, and sloppy moments on both sides. We haven't seen the best from the sens or the rangers.
The TSN comments have about the same level of intelligence as YouTube comments. Not worth it.
Larger armhole, I suspect.
I think the Rangers/Sens will go to 7 with a Rangers victory. But I'm predicting a fun series.... so glad we don't face the B's lol.
Fishing and hunting clothes in America are closer in appearance to NASCAR drivers uniforms.
I think you need to choose your clothes in a way that lengthens your torso and appears to broaden your shoulders.. This fit pretty much does opposite of what you want.Try lower rise pants that sit lower on your hips, hemmed with very little break. Also a sport coat with padded shoulders would be a good bet for you.
Not sure as my Filson duffle is pretty new, but I wonder if one could skim over the zipper with a 200 grit sandpaper and dull the edges of the teeth.
Iconic != stylish
SW&D seems to be more focused on what looks 'fresh', whereas MC seems to be more focused on structure. Bad analogy time: MC is like the 12 bar blues. There is a ton of structure that restricts what a musician can do, but that structure tends to keep the band tight and things generally work out well (although some might call it boring). SW&D is like modern jazz. There is a lot more room for creativity, and also a lot more risk of noise creeping in, however when done...
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