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If you have specific questions I'll do my best to answer. I have two Luxire sport coats that were copied from a jacket that I sent in (this is my recommended approach).
Update: I was able to reduce the sheen a little bit by hovering my iron over the affected area and blasting it with steam, followed by doing circular brushing with a Kent clothes brush. Obviously not an ideal treatment. Keep an eye on those elbows and take your jacket off when you sit down!
It certainly is, but unfortunately that doesn't fly in a big law firm (except Fridays).
I have some disappointing feedback to provide about the Dugdale Fine Worsted wools. I have two Luxire jackets in these fabrics and after fairly light wear (1-2 times a week for only a couple of months) the arms from the elbows down have become extremely shiny where they rest on my office desk. I will try to give them an aggressive brushing and see if they can be fixed, but I wanted to caution anyone thinking about ordering fabrics from this range. I suspect that the seats...
You don't have a spreadsheet? lol my Luxire spreadsheet has about 9 tabs (measurements, inspiration photos, favourite fabrics, etc).
Those of you who are not already subscribed to the Unfunded Liabilities thread may find the discussion of fabrics over there very interesting.
Look at the Ecobee. I compared both thermostats and decided to go with the Ecobee when I bought my house a year ago... very happy so far.
Is there any significance to the specific customizations that you have requested?
I know the feel
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