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Scoring fits is as ridiculous as scoring wine. 20 thumb fit / 90 point RP scored wine being the threshold for 'good'. (This coming from someone who scores wines out of 100 points several times a week, so I guess I surrender willingly to the silliness of the system.) Anyway, now that that's out of the way, please continue because this is a great thread.
It seems that your shoulder seam droops past your shoulder point by 3/4" - 1". In terms of aesthetic balance, I like to shoot for an imaginary nice gentle curve with the side seam from the hips up to the shoulder seam. I could MS paint this if you can't visualize what I mean.
I've dialed in my pattern with Luxire and I thought I would share the measurements to give newbies a good starting point if they happen to be my size.I'm 6'2", athletic build with cyclist thighs. RTW jacket size is 40L, pant size is 33". My legs are slightly short and my torso is slightly long. I'm leaving out some other personal quirks (add 1/4" to left shoulder, etc) since they won't be relevant for anyone else. [[SPOILER]]
Would it be inappropriate to post constructive feedback on the aesthetics/balance of a few of the designs posted by Luxire? I feel like some of the images should get Foofed to bring them to the next level of awesomeness.
I had the same issue with my Persol 2989s (not folding though). I used the hot air from a blow dryer to gently warm them and bend them to 'open' them up a bit. It was a very slight adjustment at the bridge and while they still have a slight bend behind the hinges it is much less pronounced and they still stay on well.
I will post plenty of detail pics when it arrives.
Probably they were just asking for reassurance that valuable items are kept with care. I don't think one should assume insult was intended when such a query is made.
That's mine! Just got a ship notification. Super excited!
They probably made a pattern based on the shirt you sent in.
I think it is acceptable to discuss order times, but I don't think this is the place to exchange messages with Luxire about the details of the transaction. For context, I've been waiting on an order since mid April, but it includes a sport coat, a pair of trousers and a couple of shirts so I understand that my order will be slower. I have lots of other clothes to wear while I wait.
New Posts  All Forums: