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Very excited to hear about the knitwear offering! Regarding pricing, will all of these styles be offered at $90 for the initial trial? -shawl collar cardigans -v-neck -roll-neck -cable knit Also are patterns possible or solid colors only at this time?
Just received my latest order. Haven't tried anything on yet, but all three trouser fabrics feel really nice. Also, the jeans seem to be really nicely made... nice buttons, rivets, sewing etc. Really excited to get these home to try on. 1x Dugdale Royal Classic - Narrow Mid Grey Herringbone 1x Molloy Plain Donegal Tweed Pants - Fawn 1x Luxire Selvedge - Custom Jeans - 13Oz Raw Indigo
@charles send in your favorite fitting shirt to be replicated
I have had a reply from Luxire about a recent jeans order. I have replied asking for clarification on exactly what the problem might be so I can adjust accordingly... still awaiting a reply. In the meantime, does anyone have any theories here about why my measurements might be off? I kind of understand the changes to the hip and rise, but why suggest changes to the insteam and thigh? My best guess at this point is that they are comparing the measurements to a dress pant...
My guess would be that the code expires at midnight.
Order placed! @Luxire thanks for the discount code! You enticed me to place an order despite the poor Canadian dollar.
Can anyone recommend a reliable/good value watch winder for 2-4 watches?
I'm not sure that would capture a customer's real posture, how they move and walk, how the clothes drape, etc. The best solution would be for a customer to travel to Luxire's facilities for a full fitting. The next best solution would be for Luxire to send a tailor on a world tour to centrally located cities around the world and book customers for fittings. The next best is to do the iterative process by mail (but this leaves a lot of responsibility on the customer who...
Indeed, a single photo is not enough to pass judgement. I've been pretty happy with my (now 3) Luxire jackets for what it's worth. Most 'problems' with fit are almost certainly attributable to the fact that the customer is not available in person for the tailor to do a proper fitting. This is Luxire's greatest disadvantage IMO.I would personally be willing to invest the time to send a garment back and forth a few times to simulate the bespoke fitting process, but frankly...
Although, this may happen...
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