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I wonder if some of the pleat issues recently discussed are due to the trousers being made from cotton fabrics which don't tend to hold a crease as well as wool.
I'm not quite sure what you mean by 'too short' of pleats. Luxire has never turned down any pattern changes that I've requested so I'm certain that you can ask for whatever mods you want.Perhaps moving the pleats out towards the hip would make them appear more closed and would line up better with the crease. I'm sure the thigh width is also a factor as a more roomy leg will put less stress on the pleat. I'd be interested to see what the measurements are for the example...
Probably a good idea to increase the armhole slightly. If this is Luxire you might also ask them to adjust for slightly forward and slightly sloped shoulders.
Now that's a whole different kind of advertizing.
I just ordered a pair of trousers in a white twill and asked luxire to use their judgement and line it to the knee if the fabric will be see through.
Total trouser length also is a factor. Think of it this way - if you subtract the total length from the inseam length you get the "effective" rise which is not the same as the measurement from the crotch seam to the waistband. The combination of all of the measurements (including hip width) gives a 3D profile of the top block.Also, how long ago were your pants made? Luxire had a pattern issue that creates the effect you have described but it is resolved. On your next...
It's about a size to small in every possible way. You should probably avoid slim fit fashion forward suits with your more athletic body type.
Reducing the number of pleats would probably affect the roominess of the forearm area. You could go back to the default or do what I do - ask them to cut the sleeve with at least X inches diameter at the elbow, which you have measured X inches up from the cuff. A bit more sleeve length wouldn't hurt either.
I also have been requesting no label, but I would change that if they did a SR style tag. My dry cleaner always looks for a label, tag or monogram to note on the ticket in case of a mixup... it's difficult when there is no labels at all. I don't really care for the existing Luxire tag as is because it doesn't give the impression of "custom clothing".
New Posts  All Forums: