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I've been a customer for a number of years and have noticed the standard options have changed a number of times leading to unexpected results (granted mostly positive changes). It would be helpful if Luxire could maintain a page on the site that explains what standard options are used and keep it current.
That gingham looks amazing. I have a bit of cognitive dissonance with a creased cuffed cargo pant but I hope you enjoy them.
Pretty sure Luxire was referring to a very specific scenario: "copy the provided garment but adjust the waist to 16" - the pattern created would match the original garment except the waist measurement would be different as requested. If you just send a garment to be copied without any adjustments then the pattern should be an exact match to the garment.
Honestly I don't find the existing website that bad. Maybe not great for new customers but as a 'power user' I basically just use it to peruse fabrics (sort by price and page through until I find what I want). 99% of my interface with Luxire is through email or simply outlining details in the comment section of my order.
It actually looks pretty good for a first go around. I think with a few wears (or a machine wash) the fabric will relax and will look very good.
I'll try to take some in the next day or two. I have newborn twins at home so free time is fleeting.
I measured some jeans I already had (Iron Heart 635s and Levis STF) and sort of took the average of the measurements. Luxire came back to me with a concern that one measurement would not work while using the selvedge but they were able to make a minor adjustment to make it work. They came out perfectly although the inseam strangely felt about 2" too long even though the measurements all checked out. I just adjusted on my second jeans order.
My exact instructions were:
Some detail shots of my new linen jeans (Linen Cotton Canvas:Tan). Really excited about these for the hot summer weather. Luxire nailed my requests except for the fact that they do not have silver rivets available yet. I opted for no visible rivets instead of copper rivets.
Received my latest shipment which included a pair of linen jeans (Linen Cotton Canvas:Tan). Really pumped about the result. Luxire knocked it out of the park. Pictures coming soon. Related: I have another pair of Luxire raw denim (13Oz Raw Indigo) and I really like the colour and comfort but I find they aren't fading the way some of my other raw denim has done. Anyone know if any of their other raw denim fabrics will produce higher contrast fades?
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