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@Luxire I believe this was a trial order but what will the price be for knitwear? I see a lot of knitwear orders in my future.
That coat and fabric are badass. Related, Luxire should start incentivising customers who design, develop and test garments like the CruzCoat. They should be added as MTO options on the site and the designer should get something in return for their work and for making it available to others. Create an ecosystem.
That's concerning. Could any of that delta be due to laundering/shrinkage?
Of the cotton pants that I machine wash I've had about 20% breakage at some point in the life of the pant. Luxire will throw in replacement buttons with your next order free of charge.
I really hope the owner of that piece posts a fit pic. Looks great on the dummy.
@Luxire, do you have any recent images of your shoes, bags and sweaters? I'm curious how those ventures are coming along.
Very excited to hear about the knitwear offering! Regarding pricing, will all of these styles be offered at $90 for the initial trial? -shawl collar cardigans -v-neck -roll-neck -cable knit Also are patterns possible or solid colors only at this time?
Just received my latest order. Haven't tried anything on yet, but all three trouser fabrics feel really nice. Also, the jeans seem to be really nicely made... nice buttons, rivets, sewing etc. Really excited to get these home to try on. 1x Dugdale Royal Classic - Narrow Mid Grey Herringbone 1x Molloy Plain Donegal Tweed Pants - Fawn 1x Luxire Selvedge - Custom Jeans - 13Oz Raw Indigo
@charles send in your favorite fitting shirt to be replicated
I have had a reply from Luxire about a recent jeans order. I have replied asking for clarification on exactly what the problem might be so I can adjust accordingly... still awaiting a reply. In the meantime, does anyone have any theories here about why my measurements might be off? I kind of understand the changes to the hip and rise, but why suggest changes to the insteam and thigh? My best guess at this point is that they are comparing the measurements to a dress pant...
New Posts  All Forums: