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I have ordered Brisbane Moss Teal Blue Twill and Brisbane Moss Stone Grey Twill and I would say both fabrics are lovely. Soft and drape well. They seem to be identical except for colour. Any of their fabrics are probably a safe bet - just pick the colour you like. Although I found that the images on the website are a touch darker than the fabric in real life.
Brisbane Moss
My first response is "add as many choices as possible!" but my top priority right now is a raw denim that produces high contrast fades (like Samurai jeans do).
@Luxire - any plans to expand the denim selection? My well-loved Luxire selvedge jeans are due to be replaced but I'm interested in some additional denim selections. It would be nice to have some slubbier raw denims, some higher contrast fading, heavier weight (20oz +) etc.
I think he's implying that Luxire doesn't execute pleats well. I'm still not sure since I've had some come out very well and some not so well. I think the trouser fabric drape is a huge factor in whether they gape open or not (moreso than pleat depth). Honestly I'm currently on the fence about whether to keep trying with pleats for this reason.
I've received some Dugdale trousers with and without their tag. Wonder if we can specifically request that @Luxire puts the fabric maker tag in the garment.
I've been a customer for a number of years and have noticed the standard options have changed a number of times leading to unexpected results (granted mostly positive changes). It would be helpful if Luxire could maintain a page on the site that explains what standard options are used and keep it current.
That gingham looks amazing. I have a bit of cognitive dissonance with a creased cuffed cargo pant but I hope you enjoy them.
Pretty sure Luxire was referring to a very specific scenario: "copy the provided garment but adjust the waist to 16" - the pattern created would match the original garment except the waist measurement would be different as requested. If you just send a garment to be copied without any adjustments then the pattern should be an exact match to the garment.
Honestly I don't find the existing website that bad. Maybe not great for new customers but as a 'power user' I basically just use it to peruse fabrics (sort by price and page through until I find what I want). 99% of my interface with Luxire is through email or simply outlining details in the comment section of my order.
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