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If the heels are just put on top of the sole, there's not much that's keeping them together. Most shoemakers use some big stationary nailers that basically shoot a wire through the sole to take care of that. But we're traditionalists. Nailing the heels from the inside with a nice new set of nails. Old ones always rust out because of the moisture that seeps in from the inside of the shoe. If you don't like your shoemaker, you can wear really warm socks in the summer so...
Cleaning the bottom of the the new half-sole a bit, and creating the gradient. Reason why shaving the sole into a gradient is hard - when the two meet, there can't be any variation in the thickness of the old sole, the new sole, or the inch and a half or so of space where they actually merge. Gluing. More gluing. At least three layers are put on, with at least a few hours between each coat to let the glue dry and settle. After the first coat. The...
You'll see that the heel is actually in a couple of pieces. Only the bottom heel (rubber and leather hybrid that actually hits the ground) needed to be taken off, but the way that it was nailed down, this was hard to do. Seeing if the Italian soles we've got will fit the shoe. Luckily they did. These soles are from a company that no longer exists - Kis. Fortunately we stocked up before we even heard the news because they are quite possibly the best. Cutting the...
By popular request, here is the post as it appeared in December shortly before the hard drive crash. "A Tale of Two Shoes" I managed to find these at a thrift store in town and thought they would be a perfect candidate to do something like this about. Usually when a pair of testonis, Lobbs, or anything else comes in there isn't much time for me to bother the master cobbler with holding the shoes still while I set the aperture on my camera to take a photo. In any case,...
Whoops, wrong thread.
Andrew, very beautiful additions. I'll echo that the Grensons are very striking. Dimitri
VM: Haha, of all my ailments, faecophelia is not one, thankfully.
Matt, that's very cool! And the Dung looks good from afar, but you'll have to post some closeup shots of it.
Georges, thank you very much. This is quite a gallery.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Beware of litigation. I resent your slanderous insinuation! To court we go! As Karim mentioned, I will post the photoessay in its entirety sometime this week. Dimitri
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