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Hey, guys. Just figured I'd chime in. Bonded belts such as that one are called tuxedo front belts, and as Roger stated, that type of shape is called a feathered edge. They are not inferior in quality compared to stitched belts. Whatever the construction, it all depends on how the belt is made. A properly made belt that was glued without being stitched can outlest any shoddily-done stitched job. It is merely a matter of style and, and the aesthetic you are looking for. AE...
Anyone tried Andrew Marc, perchance?
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek Does it have an IB program later on? Anyway, it sounds like you've got it figured out if the kid is already comfortable in both languages. In my experience a lot of people are shy about speaking their second language because they're not as comfortable with it. Your child doesn't seem to have that problem. Hah! IB... Oh, the memories. Actually, as an addition to this thread, I do have this to say: Don't...
At that price, might as well get one custom-made.
Quote: Originally Posted by mizanation a lot of martial arts combinations beats those three. i also highly disagree about wing chun. btw, i've trained all three, and still train muay thai. I'm not talking about combinations. I'm talking about those three, individually. Outside of the Pride Fight context in which most people think of martial arts, there isn't much to disagree with. Sistema is widely considered the most dangerous martial...
Muay Thai (*real* Muay Thai) Wing Chun/Ving Tsun Combat Sambo You can argue for hours, but in the end, nothing beats those three for an advanced fighter. However, an expert fighter could fight McKarate and still be effective.
Quote: Originally Posted by CoryB It wouldn't surprise my if they already have. Likely several are owned by the same parent companies. Lacoste and IZOD used to be the same company. Formerly IZOD made Lacoste knitwear and eventually they split up, in 1993, I think.
Just going to chime in - Toronto's got Harry Rosen on Bloor, but I'll definitely echo the L'Uomo sentiment. You'll be hard-pressed to find anything better.
Ok. Lipp will be the first place I visit when I land, I think, since I'll have some time to kill before I actually have to get down to business. Thanks for the advice!
Pink22m, Tibo, thanks for the great advice. I'll definitely check those places out.
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