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Suede also has the other kind of flaking to worry about - that of fibres coming off. You're right on the boxcalf being prone to cracking and flaking, though. I've been working with some boxcalfs and have only found one that meets a high enough standard of quality. I think in either case, it all depends on the overall quality of the tanning process. I remember how at the beginning of my venture, a local supplier was peddling 'high-quality Chinese goat leather.' I pulled...
Don't forget Ottawa.
Roger, thank you for the kind words. Three midterms on the way, public presentations, and a stock simulation at the university all in the next week leave little time to come on here, unfortunately... A couple of things to note: Size - the sizes always vary depending on the maker. European makers, naturally, use metric sizes, so the buckles and dress straps you'll find are usually 30mm or 35mm. A 1 1/4" strap equates roughly to 32mm, so keep that in mind when buying...
Durable? It depends on the leather, and you can have sueded calf leather. So it depends what you mean by durable. Will it last a longer time? It doesn't really make a difference from a structural point of view, although depending on the finish, a regular calf leather may have more protection from the elements (a waterproofed boxcalf, for example) and thus would last longer. Suede's aesthetic is also harder to take care of.
There's always some give and take in a successful relationship.
RJ, those look great. What was dealing with M Delos like?
Quote: Originally Posted by caelte I had a MG TF for awhile with no syncro.I learned to double clutch. I had the clutch cable snap once and had to drive it without being able to release the clutch. It can be done. Unless it is a sports car,I prefer an auto. Mark, how the heck does that work? I had something similar happen - the throttle link was jammed while I was on the highway. This was an old banger (my first car, just after high...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nantucket Red You haven't lived till you've learned to drive a crash-box pre-1920 car smoothly. Given the chance, I'd be all over that.
Wow. That was the fastest thread hijack I've ever seen. But seriously, those are some gorgeous shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman Didn't see Daniel Day-Lewis, eh? I missed him, too, sadly.
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