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Take a stroll down Peel st. There you'll find quite a few boutiques and charming cafes you can relax in. Also, any trip is not complete without a visit to L'Uomo Montreal, which is right across the street from Harry Rosen. It's probably the most iconic store in the city, and Paul, Albert, Albert, and Eric are wonderful guys. If you want some more casual stuff and like seeing local designers, stop by kamkyl and Philippe Dubuc.
Quote: Originally Posted by Almighty1 In the picture above, I have a question about the belt buckles. Counting from the left, are the 3rd,4th,7th ones going to be as secure as 1st, 2nd,5th,6th ones since the later is the traditional where belt's hole is secured by the pin all the way while the former only sits on top of the hole and seems like it can pop off if you were running on something. Usually there's a bulbous part to the pin on that...
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Not trying to deride the poster but really, when buying things of a hand-made nature, or as close to hand-made these days, expect small imperfections for that is what is special. Mr. King has put it well, I think. Part of the nature of a handmade creation is its soul, for lack of a better word. For some makers, it's kind of a search for perfection. But I guess it depends on what your definition of...
This is great to see! Very striking shoes by Mr. Myhre. I hope to see them with my own eyes sometime soon.
Yes, this is indeed their Z line.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tomasso AFAIK, Hermes owns or has interest in all of the tanneries that supply them. For instance, they own Gordon-Choisy which supplies them with their exotic leathers. You're right. It's not just tanneries. Goes the same for all suppliers. I was just making an example, though I suppose Hermes was a bad one to make.
Always lovely to hear such great news. Congrats, Zach!
Quote: Originally Posted by tattersall C'est en francais. I'll scan them tomorrow and post. To the question why he bought Gatto, Lattanzi replies: "Parce que Gatto a une histoire noble. Une histoire authentique et belle, de la bourgeoisie d'il y a une centaine d'annees. Les clients Gatto sont comme au debut du siecle, des personnes raffinees d'une grande elegance naturelle. Il fallait que Gatto continuat d'exister." When queried about future...
Quote: Originally Posted by caelte I was told a number of the old tanneries have closed, taking their knowledge of tanning with them. This was harness leather that I was told about but are other tanneries closing their doors as well? Mark, for some perspective - every single tannery in Canada has shut its doors. I think Orion may still be around, but that's very doubtful. The problem is that typical tanneries don't provide leather for...
Manton, this would be the suede equivalent of a natural antiquing, I guess.
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