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Quote: I leave you guys to figure out WHAT and where this is: Dubai.
Far as I know, Guanashina's (made by Dormeuil, I think) the most expensive there is without including cloths that have lapis lazuli, diamonds or gold sewn in. In CDN figures I think one of the prices I saw at a local tailor was in the range of 3500$ per yard, if I remember correctly. EDIT: Here's a nice link. The images used to be up, but not anymore it seems. Some of the PDF files at the top of the page do seem to be working,...
I actually had the chance to try on a Loro Piana suit in Montreal. I don't know whether it was just perfect for my body type but it fit like a glove. The material was spectacular, and as far as I could tell, it wasn't fused. I also didn't think to ask about the suitmaker, falsely believing that they might actually make the suits themselves. Goes to show what I know.
Well, I'm Canadian. I think everyone is our friend. Except the Quebeqois.
From what I remember reading, there was a kind of recession in the company. They had to cut down their work force by some percentage. They said this was due to the fact that they were not going to outsource, like Bostonian did, for example. They had to meet the times, and this is one of the ways in which they do it, I suppose. Rider, I agree with you on that note. I just think it ironic that the man that came up with the 80/20 analysis, Vilfredo Pareto, was Italian.
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