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Another 40L here. Definitely hard to find. You'll usually find only a handful of that size in a store's selection.
Very beautiful watch! Shoes are killer, too. Oh, and congratulations on the wonderful event. :P
LK: fashion house.
Quote: Originally Posted by A Harris My personal opinion is that in order to be called handmade, a shoe should at least have the welt seam sewn by hand. Otherwise I think the term hand finished more appropriate. +1 on this from me. That qualifies the shoe to be placed in the category. Maybe it's question of whether a shoe can actually be fully made by hand, without complicated machinery (sewing machines, welt stitchers, solers, etc.), in...
Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy Fancy bowling shoes, I wouldn't ever find a reason to wear them. I take it you don't go bowling.
rdawson, that's a really charming piece. My vote goes for Pushkin, who unfortunately wrote nothing in English, but he did write in French: Quote: Couplets Quand un poète en son extase Vous lit son ode ou son bouquet, Quand un conteur traîne sa phrase, Quand on écoute un perroquet, Ne trouvant pas le mot pour rire, On dort, on baille en son mouchoir, On attend le moment de dire: Jusqu'au plaisir de nous revoir. Mais tête-à-tête avec sa belle, Ou bien...
Quote: Originally Posted by luk-cha i would go with a bit of all i could never pin any 1 purchase down to just 1 of the statements so for me it is a case of a bit of them all Great! That's why you can pick multiple answers. norcal, good point. Thing is that it doesn't really encompass the range of objects I was thinking of. e.g. a tie can't really be chosen on fit (ok, length, fine), same thing with a wallet.
Hi gents, for the purpose of personal interest, marketing study and a project, I was wondering if you could take the time to point out what makes you buy the clothes you buy, whether it's shoes, ties or suits. Poll is anonymous, but if you've got a reason that isn't on the list, post it below, or elucidate on the details of the methods to your madness (honestly, we're all a little crazy on here).
Very striking shoes! I love the leather.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chris "Italia" L'Uomo has Kiton, right? And quite a bit more.
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